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Going marsupial! TB Bags that fit inside other TB bags.

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    I only do that for longer trips where I'll be in one place for multiple days. Generally I'll get to a hotel, leave the BB in the room and just use the Ristretto/MB/LCB walking around town (laptop + notepad + camera). If I'm going to be hitting multiple cities in one trip, I'll usually just put the laptop in a cache in the front compartment with the other doodads in 3DOCs or a snake charmer etc and save the extra bulk of having another bag.


      Amazing Idea!

      Originally posted by pvn View Post
      I pack my Brain Bag with clothes in the rear main compartment and my laptop, camera and doodads in the front main compartment. I've used both the ristretto and a large cafe bag in there with no problems. It's also possible to fit a makers bag in there, though I'm not a huge fan of this since you either have to put it in vertically (which makes getting into the MB awkward), or you try to squeeze it in horizontally, which is possible, but not ideal.
      That's a great idea. I just ordered a medium cafe bag and I am in the process of retro fitting my older brain bag for cache use. (Occasionally I have had to haul around 2 laptops and an iPad). Putting the Cafe bag in the front would be so useful for longer trips!


        Partially cross-posting from the zip top bags packing thread I just replied to, since I’m really excited about this marsupial usage!

        I just received my long-awaited order of a Small ZTSB and a DLBP yesterday, and I've been testing out how I might use them together. I discovered that a partially full SZTSB can slide easily into the DLBP with (almost) everything still inside! This may become my primary way to use the two bags since it's so versatile. I often prefer the tote format for better organization and visibility, but it can get tiring to carry everything on one shoulder. This is almost like having a tote bag that can convert into a backpack, just a little more bulk with the advantage of being able to use both bags simultaneously if my load grows. The SZTSB can't be packed to its full width in order to fit in the DLBP, but it isn't an issue since my planned packing involves a Travel Cubelet in one of the side pockets that I'd wear separately from the DLBP anyway.

        Here are some pictures to illustrate...

        Packed SZTSB:

        SZTSB with DLBP and Travel Cubelet removed:

        SZTSB inside the DLBP:

        SZTSB inside the DLBP still has room for the TC and/or other items on top:

        All the test contents (Size 2 Travel Stuff Sack, Travel Cubelet, two Cubelets, Mini Ghost Whale, umbrella, and small water bottle):