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VAST and ever-increasing TB collection!

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  • gmanedit
    Audrey, that must set a record! Some of those were purchased as gifts, right? (All those bottles . . .)

    Dorayme, are we ever going to get a writeup of Rocky and his Brain Bag?
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  • falconea
    Oh, dear. After the eBay thread I did go and go over all my orders and I have an alarmingly large collection!

    My first order was on 13 December 2007, and I've made 7 orders in total (at US$55 shipping each, ouch!), as well as visiting the store, for which I don't have a complete list of what I bought.

    All up it's well over $4,000 worth - including shipping and the store visit it would be nearly $5,000 worth.

    Just for amusement, here's the list:

    Item				Colour		Qty
    Little Swift			Cardinal		1
    Little Swift			Forest		1
    Shop Bag L			Ultraviolet	1
    Cache, Netbook, vertical		Black		1
    Side Effect			Plum		1
    Pouch Ballistic Mini		Cardinal		1
    Pouch Ballistic S			Navy		1
    Pouch Ballistic M			Forest		1
    Pouch Dyneema L			Ultraviolet	1
    Pouch Dyneema L			Solar		1
    Screen cloth			Lapis Blue	1
    Screen cloth			Iberian		1
    Key strap				Wasabi		1
    Key strap				Sapphire		1
    Key strap				Storm		1
    Wrist strap			Black		3
    Bottle				Graphite		1
    Bottle				Raspberry		2
    Cache, Netbook, horizontal		Charcoal		1
    Shop Bag L			Iberian		4
    Field Journal			Conifer		1
    Little Swift			Kiwi		1
    Kit				Crimson		1
    Bottle				Spring Green	1
    Bottle				Midnight Blue	1
    Bottle				Royal Purple	2
    Bottle				Turquoise		2
    Bottle				Graphite		1
    Ultrasuede screen cloth		Sol Yellow	1
    Ultrasuede screen cloth		Sea Green		1
    Ultrasuede screen cloth		Slate Blue	1
    Ultrasuede screen cloth		Fire Red		1
    Packing Cube, Aeronaut, L		Steel		1
    Wallet				Kiwi		1
    Wallet				Cacao		1
    Stuff Sack			Solar		2
    Stuff Sack S			Solar		2
    Stuff Sack Tall			Solar		2
    Shop Bag L			Solar		2
    Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap	Black		1
    Keyboard cover			Cayenne		1
    Packing cube, Tristar, S		Steel		2
    Packing cube, Tristar, M		Steel		2
    Packing cube, Tristar, L		Steel		1
    Tristar				Steel/Solar	1
    Zephyr				Black/Wasabi	1
    Stuff Sack			Steel		1
    Stuff Sack Tall			Steel		1
    Synapse				Indigo/Solar	1
    Synapse				Navy/Solar	1
    Synapse				Steel/Solar Dyneema	1
    Synapse				Kelly/Steel	1
    Absolute Strap					2
    Kit				Indigo		1
    Wallet				Indigo		1
    Wallet				Steel Dyneema	1
    Wallet				Navy		1
    Pouches - Mini					1
    Pouches - Small					2
    Pouches - Large					4
    Shop Bag L			Solar		1
    Pouch - Pencil					2
    Stuff Sack Tall			Solar		3
    Side Effect			Indigo		1
    Tristar				Indigo/Solar	1
    Packing cube, Tristar, S		Solar		2
    Packing cube, Tristar, M		Solar		2
    Packing cube, Tristar, L		Solar		1
    Wallet				Sapphire		1
    Zephyr				Steel/Wasabi	1
    Absolute Strap					1
    Freudian Slip - Horizontal				1
    Utility Tote			Crimson/Navy	1
    Utility Tote			Olive/Cocoa	1
    Utility Tote			Steel/Black	1
    Utility Tote			Sapphire/Olive	1
    Utility Tote			Sapphire/Steel	1
    Kit				Kiwi		1
    Snake Charmer			Cayenne		1
    Key Strap 16"					2
    Pouches - Mini					4
    Pouches - Small					4
    Pouches - Medium					4
    Brain Bag				Sapphire		1
    Brain Cell - size 5		Crimson		1
    Keyboard cover			Cobalt		1
    Small Café Bag			Kelly/Steel	1
    Pouches - Mini					1
    Pouches - Small					1
    Pouches - Medium					1
    Utility Tote			Kelly/Navy	1
    Absolute Strap					1
    Key Strap 16"					1
    Key strap 8"					1
    Padded Pouch - Mini				1
    Padded Pouch - Small				1
    Purchased when I visted the store:
    Kit				Kiwi		1
    Utility Tote			Crimson		1
    Utility Tote			Kelly/Navy	1
    And more - I know I left with several hundred less in my credit card!
    And not purchased from TB directly:
    Smart Alec			Steel/Solar	1 (Swapped for that Dyneema Synapse)
    Empire Builder			Black/Sapphire	1 (eBay as per the eBay thread!)
    Scary, no?


    PS: that list is in reverse order - newest first.

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  • dorayme
    I found out about TB on Ravelry. It was winter 07 and I was shopping for a bag because I was in need of a new diaper bag/knitting bag combo. I saw the Swifts mentioned and checked the website out. I was fascinated, but didn't quite know if it was the bag I was looking for so I didn't bite. (I should have, it would have been perfect, but hindsight is always 20/20)
    When the Cork Swift was introduced I knew that I would eventually get one, but once again the timing wasn't right and I wasn't sure it was the perfect bag for where I was at. (it was) Fast forward to September 2010. My daughter has now potty trained so no longer did I need a bag for her and I. Just a bag for me. ;-}
    A Hemp LS comes up on Ravelry FSOT and I bit. It came and it was all over because I had found bag LOVE!
    January 2011 my Cork Swift and Iberian Large Shop Bag as well as Iberian Large Stuff Sack and some pouches and keystraps come my way. Right after that order Ultraviolet is introduced and I immediately preorder more Large Shop bags. I then purchased my Synapse, Side Effect, a Cork LS from Ravelry FSOT and 2 Utility Totes from eBay.
    In May I got to visit the store and bought:
    Western Flyer Backpack
    Imago with Absolute Strap
    Rocky's Brain Bag
    more pouches and Stuff Sacks a shop bag
    3D clear cube
    and all the while doornum3 has been sending me packages here and there with TB goodness as well.
    Lastly to get my FoJ, I ordered my Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

    Favorite bags hands down Little Swift and Western Flyer, though there are many 2nd favorites!

    I really wish I had bought when I was first introduced to TB. I would not have been disappointed and I would have some bags/colors that are now no longer available. I also would have saved money on the other bags that I bought elsewhere that weren't as good.

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  • backpack
    started a topic VAST and ever-increasing TB collection!

    VAST and ever-increasing TB collection!

    I just took the title from Ncb4 on that thread http://forums.tombihn.com/thoughts-t...dear-ebay.html

    Besides testing Darcy new link set up.

    Uh uh, the better half wants the computer......

    Better half is sleeping so.

    What brought you to Tom Bihn Bags?

    When did you start your collection?

    Favorite bags and... list.

    Desire to find non leather bags with style.

    I did think I started to buy in 05 but first purchase was in spring of 06.

    Swifts, Brain Bags, Cafe Bags, FJN
    Yarn Stuff Sacks, PCSBs, CQCs, PCBs. LSB, Passport Pouches in old and new style

    Pouches and Key Straps
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