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So who preordered a Kindle Fire? More importantly, will there be a new Cache for it?

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    I have a Kindle 1 and a Kindle 3, and I pre-ordered the Fire. I have $80 in Amazon credit, so my final cost was only $118...at that price I couldn't say no!
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      Originally posted by jeffmac View Post
      Actually, if it hits $249 I think it is pretty compelling and at $199 I would take it over the Fire every time.
      I'm not so tempted by the Flyer, but the as yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7", which was expected to cost $300+, is now rumored to be getting a price drop ahead of release as well. If that one comes in under $250, I'll be sorely tempted to cancel my Fire order.


        *raises hand*

        I have a Kindle 3 and I love it. I have an HTC Evo 4G phone and it's pretty nice. I have an original iPad and I like it a lot. I'll be getting an iPad 2 at work in the next few weeks. Do I need the Fire? Of course not. But I get an allowance, and that's what I choose to spend it on.

        I also chose to spend my allowance on a Synapse, which apparently shipped today, which is weeks sooner than I expected! W00t! *happy dance*
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          So, my best friend (hi, d8uv!) got me a Kindle. . .but I can't find the Kindle pouches in the store. I know they used to be there, as I got one for my mom for Christmas. . .am I missing them, or are they well and truly gone?


            Originally posted by Gabe View Post
            I can't find the Kindle pouches in the store. I know they used to be there, as I got one for my mom for Christmas. . .am I missing them, or are they well and truly gone?
            Elsewhere on the forum there is confirmation that the Kindle pouches are just on temporary hiatus. If you need a pouch asap, use a medium padded organizer pouch--we have a Kindle in one right now so I know that it fits.


              I'm a tech gadget guy who already has a Kindle 3 and iPad but pre-ordered anyways. I like the smaller form factor and that it's powered by Android. Paired with the iPad, the Fire will hopefully give you the best of the mobile os platforms. I'm hoping that they can complement each other and both have a spot in my daily kit.


                What Illinifan said.

                To be honest, I'm not all that clear as to why I pre-ordered the Fire other than I love reading on my K3 (and on my K1 before that) and also enjoy reading via the Kindle app on my iPad2, so I guess one more way to read isn't a bad thing. Since I have thousands of physical books, a few e-readers isn't completely out of the question.

                A little baby Fire Breve or Cache would indeed be nice.


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