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    Here are the first ones I could find.

    They are a little tricky to photograph....Low contrast.

    In the first shot: Abby on the left,Sophie on the right and Gwin in the middle.

    The Girls!

    Click image for larger version

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      Gorgeous News! Thank you AVService! I so appreciate seeing these big fur balls again. I note - very little drools, impressive!

      "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


        They were fresh out of the car if I recall,no time to get the slobber rolling.

        To know them is to love them,all three of them!


          Aw, AVService, you just gave me fond flashbacks of a few of my childhood years, when my best friend had a Newfie. That silly dog thought he was a lapdog and about the size of a corgi. But he'd give me the warmest welcome every time I visited, running down the hall to the front door and going up on his hind legs, knocking me down, and giving me a big kiss.
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            So is this a bait bag? And will it have a belt clip or some way to use it without the strap?

            Looks great!



              AVService your Newfs are gorgeous! They look like big ole teddy bears.
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                I love seeing Newfies -- giant snugglers!


                  Notice the Cage divider between the front and "Rear" of the car?

                  They love to "Drive" on your lap too!

                  I always tell people who ask about them that they are a cross between a Clown and a Bear and that pretty much is the case.

                  They are just silly and very big about it.

                  We have so many stories about them as you can imagine and I will tell you when you get more than one the fun is more than just doubled,much more!



                    I didn't know there was a fellow Newfie groupie on the forum: what gorgeous Newfies you have! I was so excited to find these photos when I logged into the forum this morning; you've made my day.

                    You've also inspired me to send a photo of my own drooly bundle of fur, but I need to wait until my husband is around to help me wrangle Yukon for the shot. Here is an old photo of Yukon, taken the day I got him. He was a rescue dog, aged 11 months at the time this picture was taken; can you believe he had never had a rabies vaccination, or finished his shots? He hasn't had an easy time, between severe separation anxiety and some serious health issues. But he is thriving now, and the happiest dog I've ever seen. He just turned three and has grown a lot: gained 35 pounds, ten pounds of which has got to be hair, I swear. If we were closer, AVService, we could let our dogs have a play date.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      ncb4, you have a handsome boy. And "Yukon" is such a fitting name. I love it!
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                        Originally posted by TXGirl View Post
                        ncb4, you have a handsome boy. And "Yukon" is such a fitting name. I love it!
                        Thanks so much, TXGirl. Yukon was my son's idea: after Yukon Cornelius, the gold prospector in the Claymation "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." (I should point out that my son is 25 years old!)


                          What a great looking Beast! Love the name too.

                          If I had a boy I think I would have to name him Sailor for the Lewis & Clark Expidition Newf they had with them when mapping the Wild West.
                          There is a statue here on the riverfront of the 3 of them and when the river is up Sailor goes into the water.....where as you know they were bred to be.

                          I agree also with your assessment I think I could build a whole Newf from the hair they both shed in 1 month.

                          They are Huge but Sweet and Gentle too and are often called "Gentle Giants".

                          Abbey was also a rescue and had a rough first few years before we met her. She would not come near any men for months and it took about 2 weeks before she really trusted me. She is almost normal now but somewhat reserved with strangers where Sophie was a fresh puppy and everyones friend and is completely insane! Getting the puppy also transformed the older girl.

                          They really are the sweetest dogs I have ever been around and way too smart for their own good. I am sure we all have stories but I have been astounded at how much trouble they can find on a daily basis.....between napping.
                          I especially like how easy they are to bribe with a treat the size of their nose but trying to get them to do something they don't want to ,forget about it.

                          It is very hot here in the summer and they will almost not go outside instead they each lay on an air conditioner vent whimpering each cycle as it sends out cold air and stops. They live to get in the bath tub where they are cool but then they can not be removed at all. Common thought is to turn the water on but then they just roll over and look grateful!

                          The only thing worse than a wet Newf is a wet Newf in the tub when it is your turn in there.


                            We could go on all day swapping Newf stories: I've grown up with Newfs, so Yukon isn't my first. In fact, my parents did name one of their dogs after Sailor: except at the time, they thought the name of Lewis & Clark's dog was Scannon (a misreading of the expedition's handwritten journals for Seaman; there seems to be a lot of confusion about what that Newf's name really was). I'm a children's author, and two of my friends wrote books about Seaman/Scannon/Sailor for the bicentennial of the expedition.

                            Your poor Abbey; I'm so glad she ended up with a family that loves her and has made her feel safe. I'd love to add another Newf to our household, but Yukon is so spoiled now that I'm not sure he'd like giving up the spotlight.

                            We also live in a very hot, very humid climate, so every Newf we've ever had has mapped out the best air conditioning vents in the house and they jockey for position, to see which of them gets to lie on top or in front of the vent. They are such big, lovable goofs!

                            Yesterday's story is that I had to drag Yukon into what we call the "storm closet" when a tornado was sighted and said to be six minutes away from coming into town. (We were hit by a tornado last April not 800 yards from our house, two people were killed, and the town is still rebuilding from all the damage that was done, so we take our tornado warnings seriously.) The closet is very small but well-protected in the interior of our 130-year-old house, but Yukon refused to get in there with me, not even when I tried to lure him with his favorite treats. Eventually I had to drag him inside, then latch the door behind him so he couldn't get out. Have you ever been cramped in a tiny, airless closet with a panting, drooling, somewhat hyper 130-pound dog? Yukon decided he would take advantage of this opportunity to drape himself over my back and lie on top of me, and I couldn't stop laughing. And the tornado never arrived, so we were fine.


                              I can picture it clearly. We have tried to go Camping with them,once!

                              I think my favorite is when I had Abbey at the park one day and she noticed there was a Lake. We ended up in the lake as I had my hand through the leash and around my wrist when she took off for it. So we are standing in knee deep mossy water and she just turns and looks at me like she is saying "What?!?".
                              So we head over to a friends house who had just gotten a swimming pool installed and I figure it is the perfect place to get both of us cleaned off before he gets the pool open of course. Well I jump in the pool and start swimming around and she just starts this nervous crying and then jumps right in,paddles over to me grabs my arm and drags me out of the pool.
                              We both looked at each other having no idea where that came from and to this day I can not swim without being "Rescued" every time. When they close the pool in the town we are in they invite dogs in it the last day with their supervisors and I can't go without being rescued. And its not like you can resist her and she doesn't hurt me either,she just has it in her DNA. And of course then the puppy does whatever Abbey just did.
                              It just cracks me up.


                                Ah, the water-rescue gene: you're right, you just have to give up and let yourself be "saved." One of my sister's dogs won't even let us go kayaking or canoeing in the lake at their cottage. He swims out and grabs any line (rope) that is dangling off the boat, then starts dragging you back to the dock or shore. It's like a watery version of tug-of-war.