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I'm a very happy Christmas elf: just scored a Brain Bag on eBay for my son!

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    I'm a very happy Christmas elf: just scored a Brain Bag on eBay for my son!

    My son is returning from his once-a-year visit next week: he's an ex-pat who has been studying abroad for four years in Edinburgh, and recently moved to Geneva to do a post-doc at the university there. I'm so excited about seeing him: and I'm also tickled because I've had his Christmas gift since August: a Forest/Steel Aeronaut. I can't wait to give it to him.

    Both for short trips within Europe, and to commute daily to work, he uses an ancient REI backpack that he bought himself with his ninth-grade birthday money (that tells you how old it is). It has traveled the world with him, and he's put it to hard use, and it's time for it to go into well-deserved retirement. (Besides, he says it's starting to smell!) He needs something in addition to the Aeronaut, but this Christmas elf's budget is maxed out.

    Or so I thought... I happened to see an Olive Brain Bag, with tags still attached, for auction on eBay this week. It's Evan's favorite color, green (so it would coordinate with, if not match, his new Forest Aeronaut) And to my surprise, tonight I won the auction, for a mere $100. Hurray! I've never bought an eBay TB bag, so I'm holding my breath until it arrives, to see if it's actually as pictured and described, and there are no unpleasant surprises. I'll let everyone knows when it arrives.

    One thing...although it isn't included in the auction description, one of the pictures of the interior of the bag shows a Vertical Freudian Slip. It will be interesting to see if it shows up in the box as well.

    Congrats on your purchase! I'm sure your son is going to love them! Can't wait to see pics
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      That's an awesome deal!
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