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Western Flyer/Tri Star Packing Cube Backpack in ULTRAVIOLET!!!

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    Western Flyer/Tri Star Packing Cube Backpack in ULTRAVIOLET!!!

    It arrived today

    Can you see me smiling?

    There's so much to love about this bag. It's very different from what I was imagining and different from what I thought I experienced when I thought I checked out the PCBP at the factory. Let me digress.
    For one, though it's a rectangle, the way the seams are bound and turned it kind of rounds over at the edges and looks less like a rectangle. For aesthetics this is a good thing. Though rectangles are great for fitting things together, they aren't the most flattering shape.
    Secondly, the straps are much less anemic than I thought. They are rather wide at the shoulder area and then are narrow where they attach to the bottom of the bag. This equates to comfort. Nobody likes binding straps pressing into their shoulders.
    Lastly it's scale. For some reason I envision this looking elongated and out of proportion. I don't know if it's the diagonal pocket or just how the translation of a photo is different than real life, but the bag doesn't look out of proportion at all IRL.
    I haven't carried it anywhere, it just arrived after I had returned from running today's errands. I do like it a lot. I want to find a way to lock the zippers together to ensure I don't loose anything out of the low zipping sides. I think a small carabeener will work though. I just need to find one small enough.

    On another note, my mom's Christmas pressie was also in the box. I'm so excited for her to let me know what she thinks about her Cardinal LS. It's gorgeous. It's not my color, but it's a beautiful bag! I wish I was going to be there to give it to her in person.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

    REI sells some keychain size carabiners that might work for you. There was a purple one on the website, but they ship in "assorted" colors.


      If you have an REI near you, you can probably select a purple one!
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        Look for an outlet that sells "nite-ize" products. They have very small carabiners that hold individual keys onto a bigger version of the same clip. After that they move up in size in various increments!


          I got to use the backpack tonight at Upward Cheerleading practice. Yes, I know, What??? Doreen a cheerleading coach. Don't ask. It had something to do with signing up my daughter and saying I would like to be a parent helper. . .
          Anyway, I carried my new backpack tonight. It was perfect. It held her megaphone and poms as well as my clipboard and bag of tootsie pops (bribes). I give it an A++

          after practice Rocky caught me resting:

          and then looking for something:

          I decided since he was snapping pics to go ahead and lay out my contents:

          And a on the back view:

          It's a great pack, comfy, light and perfect for lighter things that don't need to keep their shape. I will probably get a ton of use out of it this season.

          Please no cheerleading jokes/comments. My daughter has been begging to do this ever since her brothers played last year.
          I really, really like TB Bags!


            Great pics! Go Doreen!
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              That purple Dyneema is so pretty! Thanks for sharing, Rocky & Do-rah-me. (sorry) Also see the AWANA table in the background - my son was bummed when he couldn't do AWANA this year.


                I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the purple of TB's UV Dyneema Our kids do Awana as well as Upward Basketball and Cheerleading, excellent programs, that Rocky and I are glad to support!
                I really, really like TB Bags!


                  OH MY GOD

                  HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THSI THREAD?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

                  Back in a minute.


                    I'm baaaaaaack. Guess what I just did?

                    I JUST BOUGHT ME ONE!!!

                    Dorayme, I'm glad you like this one. It's actually one of our favorites around the house, because it's so plain yet sturdy.

                    I'm so excited. I can't wait for my box from TB!


                      Originally posted by lavarock View Post
                      Look for an outlet that sells "nite-ize" products. They have very small carabiners that hold individual keys onto a bigger version of the same clip. After that they move up in size in various increments!
                      REI is a good place for them. I really like their keychain; it uses their baby carabiners, but in such a way that they don't all fall off when you use the main carabiner hook of the keychain. Why, I use it myself! I added a few more baby carabiners on it, though; I don't think they come with quite so many.

                      Oh, and that's a picture of Dorayme in the background. From this thread. lol


                        Zuri is mighty cute and so are you!

                        Thank You for sharing!

                        Well... I went to the order page and it is not there.

                        There is one for the Aeronaut in UV but not one for the Western Flyer.
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                          Originally posted by backpack View Post
                          Well... I went to the order page and it is not there the one for the Aeronaute in there in UV but not the one for the Western Flyer.
                          It's a coding bug. You actually need to go to the order button and select the Ultraviolet from the pull-down menu. It's the ONLY place I was able to see it. When I first went to the page, I had a moment of panic when I couldn't find it listed on the description.


                            Dorayme made me do it!

                            While I can never pretend to be as cute as Dorayme and her beautiful family, we share a fondness for purple and pink, as a result.

                            I just got the Packing Cube Backpack for Aeronaute in ULTRAVIOLET!!! A Western Flyer/Tri Star Packing Cube Backpack in ULTRAVIOLET!!!

                            A Small Shop Bag in ULTRAVIOLET!!! (and one in Steel because I do not want to miss out) A Clear Tall Yarn Stuff Sack in ULTRAVIOLET!!!

                            A Large and a Small Azalea/Sapphire Cafe Bags.

                            This is the second half of my Spring order which contained a Synapse in ULTRAVIOLET!!!

                            A Large Shop Bag in ULTRAVIOLET!!! (multiple thumbs ups for the Large Shop Bag which has saved many paper bags = lovely trees + energy and plastic bags = pollution plus energy)

                            A Medium Clear Yarn Stuff Sack in ULTRAVIOLET!!! Assorted Clear Pouches in ULTRAVIOLET!!! and

                            A Clear Quarter Cube in ULTRAVIOLET!!! for which I got caught having "the same bag twice" by the husband unit.

                            so he said "no more Tom Bihn bags!" Well... My Synapse broke my fall and got a scrape and I only got a sprain.

                            But besides that, the husband unit needed a Hannuka present for his mom and it was on extremely short notice so he had a choice, remove the moratorium or face the Holidays' shoppers himself.

                            Most of my Tom Bihn Bags are multiple of a particular model and they stand in plain view.


                              Originally posted by backpack View Post
                              Dorayme made me do it!
                              don't be getting me in trouble with Mr.backpack!
                              I may have made you do it with the UV packing cube backpack. . . but the rest of the TB addiction/collection is your own doing ;-} Own it, it's not all that bad.
                              I really, really like TB Bags!