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A Life Nomadic and the discovery of Tom Bihn are slowly changing my life.

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    A Life Nomadic and the discovery of Tom Bihn are slowly changing my life.

    Today I finished my packlist. It's about 20 items long, and will all fit in the Synapse bag no problem.

    I'm going to be living out of the Synapse from March until October of next year, and travelling from Seattle to Vancouver to Western Europe to New Zealand.

    And none of this would be possible if I didn't stumble onto Mr. Bihn's products about 3 months ago.

    Thank you for helping to make my dreams possible.

    Wow! That sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Congratulations on getting to do it! What's your packing list? I can't imagine packing in only a Synapse for several months!


      Wow. I continue to be impressed by those who can travel with just a Synapse. I have one, and it's small! Congratulations!


        So, are you just going to tease us or will there be a packing list forthcoming?

        Your upcoming travels sound terrific. Very enviable.


          Also, need info on where you will be staying—e.g., houses or apartments with toiletries and a washing machine?


            wow, that's amazing. You give me hope that I can do the camino de santiago with just a synapse or something of a similar size...


              Back home, so here's my packing list.


              2x Icebreaker 150 t-shirts
              1x Icebreaker anatomica brief
              2x pair of smartwool socks
              Icebreaker Sprint Shorts
              Smartwool liner gloves
              Smartwool hat
              icebreaker wool leggings
              arcteryx delta sv fleece
              montane superfly shell

              I'm wearing another icebreaker shirt and undos and a pair of chinos to the airport with my shoes and so on.


              Sony vaio YB notebook
              Canon S100 camera
              Samsung 4G LTE Modem
              Chargers and what not.
              iPod nano for jogging.

              Thats mostly it. Ill have a toiletries bag I wont go into but everything fits in a Synapse fine.
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                Originally posted by gmanedit View Post
                Also, need info on where you will be staying—e.g., houses or apartments with toiletries and a washing machine?
                Where you stay is very important. With this style of travel, I'm going to be staying in Hostels for up to 5 days initially, then living in an apartment or sublease until my 2 months in each place is up.


                  Wow, this topic kind of blew up.

                  Well, I've got my finalized packing list ready! I'm taking 3 pair of underwear, 2 T-Shirts (wearing a long sleeved shirt to the airport), a pair of workout shorts, 3 pair of socks, and some cold weather gear. For electronics, I'm taking my Lenovo X120E, my Panasonic GF2, my Kindle, and my Galaxy Nexus. That's pretty much it: I'll bring cords and chargers and such.

                  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a Synapse for this lifestyle change (YET!): I received an Arc'Teryx Blade 24 for Christmas and I'm going to use it at first. Rest assured, there will be many Tom Bihn products inside it though

                  Follow my blog if you want: Techno Nomad


                    @snowster: Looking forward to your updates! The packing list is impressive and I have to say challenging for my next 2 week work trip to Ireland and New Zealand. Love a good packing challenge!!

                    As for the Synapse? I've started commuting to work by train (instead of driving), so the trusty Synapse is getting a new workout.
                    Oh how I love this bag!! It really is a revelation in packing efficiency.
                    The only hitch is that my Synapse is Steel/Solar, and it's now available in Ultraviolet- and of course I just *love* purple. So, I'm trying to convince Hubby that he needs a pre-loved Steel / Solar Synapse for his bike commute to work. :-D


                      @notmensa: There is no law that says that you can't have more than one of any Tom Bihn Bag in each of the configurations that suits you needs or ... wants.

                      My husband was assigned my Steel Brain Bag when, a long time ago, it became available in Indigo, I had missed out on a Purple one so I was determined to get it as well as an Indigo Steel LCB.

                      It was my first color-coded order and I got a plethora of Pouches in the same order.
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                        I couldn't really wait, so I sold my Blade 24 for the price of a Synapse on Craigslist. Got a Steel/Solar Synapse coming to me right now with 4 organizer pouches and a 3D Clear Organizer.