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    I'd also vote for the Synapse, although, like dorayme and backpack, I must also mention my Little Swift in Hemp, and various other Swifts and Shop Bags. At the present, I'm eagerly looking forward to the redesign of a smaller Aeronaut, which will spare my having to decide between the merits of my Aeronaut and my Tri-Star. I also want to point out how lucky the original poster is to have his bags in Indigo, which is a fabulous color that I have for my Tri-Star.


      Put me down for the Brain Bag. It goes almost everywhere I go. It's my EDC for work, carrying my laptop, my iPad, my lunch, gym clothes, and all the assorted goodies. It's been my go-to carry on bag for every flight I have taken in the past two plus years, usually loaded with clothes and the kids' assorted accessories. It's also my weekend bag for road trips, camping trips, etc.

      My old go-to was my ID, but I find the backpack is a better choice these days. I keep eyeing up the Synapse as my daypack for Day-trip adventures, but have not pulled the trigger yet!
      Bob P.
      Magic Tiki Studios

      Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.


        I think like other Multi Bihn Baggers here I go back and forth between bags somewhat depending on my needs and rediscovering the utility of each one every time I pick them up?

        If I had to pick one though I think it is my Super Ego.
        The S.E. just holds the most without looking out of place in any business or leisure environment and yet is also so easy to carry too.
        I recently got rid of the stock strap which I had been having problems with and replaced it with the Absolute Strap and it is now even better!

        My one Pet Peeve with any bag is a lack of divided space to keep organized before needing packing cubes and the SE also has the most compartments built-in I think.

        I typically will carry the 17" MBP and it fits the SE without looking silly as well as a Toughbook CF30,iPad and I can even get a 13" MBP and an 11" Air in there too and 2 Snake Charmers and.......

        I think you get the idea?

        I even made a Radio Insert for my universal Radio Mounting System that allows me to get a full Amateur radio station easily into the SE and operate it while in there,the ultimate Nerd Stealth Bag really.
        OK that one may look a little silly to some people but it works and isn't over stuffed at all.

        I also love the Synapse,Used to carry the Empire Builder every day till the SE displaced it,really like the Tri-Star but t is not an EDC for me and I own 3 Brain Bags.

        Help Me!



          I have to agree with AVservice on this one--the Super Ego is definitely my go-to bag. The fact that I can keep my MBA, accessories, along with my small camera kit (d7000 w/3 lenses) in my bag without a problem, makes it a wonderful option for me.

          My current bag situation is this: Ristretto for ultra-light days.
          Cadet for light days.
          Super Ego for most days.

          I am very interested in a Synapse. That will probably come sometime after I get my tax money back.
          Super Ego w/Seat Belt Buckle [Black/Steel/Wasabi], Cadet 13/15 [Cardinal/Steel], Aeronaut 45 [Cardinal/Steel], 13" Ristretto (Old) [Olive/Cayenne], Synapse 19 [Indigo/Iberian], Camera I/O, and a whole bunch of other goodies.


            My go-to for travel, which for us is usually short trips, is the Ego. I can use it for clothes or 'extras', and there's always more room in it than what I need. It's easy to carry with the absolute strap and has a sporty profile that I love. I never realized I'd be so in love with this bag! For every day, I am currently using a Little Swift, although I also love the regular Swift and SCB for every day carry as well. Since I've been knitting quite a bit the past week or two, I'm probably going to transition to the regular Swift which will hold my purse-y stuff and my stuff sack easily.
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              For travel, the Aeronaut, but for everyday (and I do carry it every day!), nothing beats the Imago. It fits all my carry things, and often even a sweater. It swallows a 13" MacBook some days, and easily carries an 11" macBook Air. The bag looks like new---but I have nearly worn off the Tom Bihn label.


                I love reading what everyone's favorite TB bag is—though it's kind of like being asked which one of your children is your favorite. My go-to bag is my Little Swift: Ultrasuede Cacao in winter, Azalea in spring and summer. This bag can hold SO much, and I always seem to be able to toss in a couple of extra things when I'm shopping. I agree with peregrina, though: the handles are a bit short to carry over one's shoulder in the winter, when wearing a bulky coat.

                But I also rotate through my Indigo Swift, Indigo/Plum Imago, Crimson Co-Pilot, Azalea LCB, Crimson MCB, Indigo Synapse, or Indigo Side Effect, depending on where I'm going, what I'm going to be doing, how long I'm going to be gone, and what I'm taking with me. A day trip or hike that's primarily photo-oriented? Then it's either my Synapse with Side Effect, or my Co-Pilot. (They both make excellent camera bags.) A trip with my 11-inch Macbook Air? Either my Imago or my LCB. An excursion with my iPad? then it's my MCB. When I spent a week going back and forth the hospital for my dad's heart surgery a year ago, I packed everything I and my mother and sisters needed in my large Swift. I feel so lucky to have all these choices: and right now I'm vacillating about whether to add a Small Cafe Bag to the mix!


                  Originally posted by ncb4 View Post
                  An excursion with my iPad? then it's my MCB.
                  I'll often carry my iPad in a cache inside my Little Swift in Hemp. I agree about wanting all the Indigo combinations -- I should have said that my Synapse is Indigo, and I also have an Indigo Swift. Shop bags are all colors, but with special regard for the Ultraviolet and Iberian (and a small Sapphire Shop bag that is one of the few they made in that color before the limited stock of Sapphire Dyneema ran out).


                    Originally posted by moriond View Post
                    ...(and a small Sapphire Shop bag that is one of the few they made in that color before the limited stock of Sapphire Dyneema ran out).
                    Rub it in, why don't you. ;-)

                    I still only halfway believe that Sapphire Dyneema exists. I've seen pretty pictures on the interwebs, but hey...anyone can use Fauxtoshop. ;-)
                    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


                      Prior to today, I was alternating between the Smart Alec and a Large Cafe Bag depending on whether or not I had to haul my work laptop around. Today I received a Zephyr (with Freudian Slip and Absolute Strap), and I think that's probably going to be it. It carries everything that I was carrying around in the Smart Alec, largely, I think, because of the outside pockets. And there is still room for my work laptop (though not in a Brain Cell). So I guess I'd have to say the Zephyr is my new go-to bag.


                        I just bought the super ego. I also have the synapse & the imago. Been using the imago a lot lately. But I bought the super ego for a cruise we're taking at the end of next month. I absolutely think its gorgeous & has great organization. But it's massive!!! So I was debating on weather I should just take one of the other 2. I think I'll still end up taking the super ego. I don't regret the purchase at all, I was just quite shocked. I almost went with the regular ego, but it was only....ONLY $10 more for the super. Lol. I'm sure it'll work out though even if I don't pack it full. It'll be for my gadgets & other misc items.


                          Originally posted by Janine View Post
                          I still only halfway believe that Sapphire Dyneema exists. I've seen pretty pictures on the interwebs, but hey...anyone can use Fauxtoshop. ;-)
                          I have the old-style Passport Pouch and a medium Stuff Sack (back when that was the only size!) in Sapphire.

                          My go-to bags are the Cordura Imago and Dyneema Synapse. Right now, I'm using the Smart Alec every day for school, because it's the biggest bag which will hold all my necessary items and still fit on my back.

                          EDITED TO ADD : And, of course, the Citizen Canine is used many times daily! It makes daily life with Rosalind much easier. Instead of a hodge-podge of mini Organizer Pouches with bags and treats and a flashlight and key strapped together, there's just ONE THING to grab, and I can see the ground and still have a hand free to clean up while using the other hand to wrangle twenty-six pounds of hyper puppy.
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                            Originally posted by marbenais View Post
                            I have the old-style Passport Pouch... in Sapphire.
                            OMG drool!!!!

                            Perhaps we can do a trade of some sort?!?!? I have lots of TB stuff!!


                              I'm thinking of a WF or Tri-star for business trips as well.

                              Originally posted by wennefer View Post
                              For traveling, my bag of choice is my Western Flyer. I travel almost every week on a 2-3 day trip and the WF is perfect. It carries a lot of stuff and is still compact. Although I usually manage to store it in the overhead, I've on occasion had it under the seat. Of course one of the things that makes it so useful are the packing cubes, so I'm not sure if those count separately or not . On longer trips I use the WF with the PCSB and the PCBP so I can have two other bags to schlep smaller and larger amounts of stuff around.


                                I'd have to go with the Synapse (Steel Dyneema/Solar). I have carried mine almost every single day since I got it, and am constantly amazed by its deceptive capacity. On those (rare) occasions I don't carry it, my Plum/Wasabi MCB is on my shoulder. Right now, I'm agonizing over which bags to take for a week-long work trip to Houston. I'm thinking Aeronaut & Co-Pilot...but then I don't leave until Sunday, so that could change ;-)
                                Eat well, travel often.