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First Thoughts on my First Bags (LCB, Swift, Citizen Canine)

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    First Thoughts on my First Bags (LCB, Swift, Citizen Canine)

    They finally arrived last night and I LOVE THEM!

    The Azalea and Kiwi colors are amazing, the Cork fabic is gorgeous.

    The Swift is going to be an awesome knitting bag. I love everything about it. It is much more squishable (flexible) than I thought it would be. I really like the padded handles (which are longer than I thought they would be). I defintely want to outfit it with several more pouches.

    The Citizen Canine is beautiful in the Kiwi/UV combination. I think I will enjoy having it in dog class. No more having to make sure I'm wearing something with pockets when I go to class. The only disappointment is that my iPhone does not fit in the pocket But then I'd never answer my phone while in class anyway so it will just stay in the car or whatever larger bag I might have with me.

    The LCB in Azalea is drop dead gorgeous and not as big as I feared it would be. Over the last 10 days, waiting for my much delayed (not the fault of TB) order to arrive, I've second guessed myself a dozen times, thinking I should have ordered a Medium bag instead of a Large. I'm glad I didn't. It was quite full this morning with my lunch, wallet, iPad, iPhone, and a knitting project. Any smaller and I've been wishing for a bigger bag. It will not be The Dog Show Bag, it's too small, but it's a perfect every day bag.

    The Absolute Strap is great! In fact, I like it so much that for now I'm going to order a second "stand alone" strap and rig it up to my old and much loved Lexie Barnes Superstar and see if it can have a new life as The Dog Show Bag. I just can't get past the Ego not coming in a color I love...

    I have learned one thing from this first order... as beautiful as the Cordura colors are, I can't do Cordura regularly. I carried my LCB 50 feet to the car and then from the car into my office. It is COVERED with white fuzz. Some of the fuzz is already balled up into little white puff balls hanging off the bag. I think that the people who say the Cordura doesn't attract dog hair must not have double coated dogs (or as many dogs as I have It's not the hair part of the fur that's so bad, it's the down undercoat. When I finally order an Imago, it will have to be the Ballistic version (Cardinal maybe??) not the pretty Plum/Olive one I'd been eyeing.

    The pouches are great, I'm definitely planning an order for a TON of pouches. The mini Dyneema (UV) is perfect for my work badge, it finally has a place to live so I can find it every morning. Have not yet decided how I will put my Cork wallet to use. It matches my Swift so perfectly I'm thinking of trying to come up with a knitting related use and then ordering one in a different color to play the role of "wallet".

    Thanks to everyone at TB for producing great products!
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    WhiteStar in Colorado
    LCB (Azalea/Sapphire, Turq/Wasabi), MCB (Plum/Cayenne), Swift (Cork), Co-Pilot (Iberian), Synapse (UV), Citizen Canine (Kiwi/UV), Shop Bag (UV), key straps and pouches galore!

    Originally posted by WhiteStar View Post
    The only disappointment is that my iPhone does not fit in the pocket
    Oh :[ Well, then.