Hey there...especially you folks with swanky new Citizen Canines in Kiwi who might want a matching bag...

There's a Steel/Kiwi/Deep Blue Yang-style Imago for sale on Craigslist: Tom Bihn Imago Bag for Sale - excellent condition!

I've corresponded with the seller and he seems to be a good chap. He said he would ship the bag if I paid for shipping. He sent pictures and Deep Blue looks amazing. I would snap this up in a heartbeat if I was a messenger kind of gal, but I'm not. So while I rend my hair and gnash my teeth, I thought I would alert my friends on the forum. Maybe one of you is pining for an old bag or color combo that you missed...kinda like I pine for Sapphire Dyneema. :-) And wow, is Deep Blue stunning in the interior of this bag.

It's not even my bag, but I'd love for it to go to someone who would treasure it. :-)