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ID as a gym bag???

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    ID as a gym bag???

    I have a very nice bag that I keep all of my gym stuff in, however it is very large and heavy to carry and it's not a Bihn bag! I would like to have a much more minimalist gym bag and I am wondering if the ID would work. My present bag is 2745 cu in (as big as an Aeronaut) and will not fit into the lockers. The ID, being smaller and more flat in its form, should fit into a locker easily, as well as having a water bottle pocket. What do you all think ???
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    I just got an ID and I couldn't see it as a gym bag but I guess it's possible. The Smart Alec I think could work great as a gym bag. It's roomy and formless and it can pack a bunch of stuff in the main compartment. Also, those yoga mat straps on the back give it a nice, exercisey kind of feel. I haven't put a water bottle in mine but the side pockets can hold a decent size bottle. Maybe the packing cube backpacks as well. They look like they might work nicely at a gym


      I was wondering about the Synapse for this purpose. Does anybody use theirs as a gym bag?


        The ID seems a little briefcase-y for a gym bag to me, but what's important is that it holds what you need it to. What's your packing list? As others have suggested, the backpacks would undoubtedly make great gym bags. I believe someone else (lilin maybe?) uses a large shop bag with success.


          The Synapse *could* work. The bottom horizontal pocket is actually really nice for packing your water bottle. The challenge is going to be with your shoes. I wear relatively small shoes (women's size 7.5) so I am actually able to pack it into the Synapse (I will often pack the shoes into a small TB packing cube to keep it from dirtying up the inside of the Synapse).

          Just be aware it will be a rather tight fit.

          An easier *lightweight* TB bag to use as a gym bag is actually the Packing Cube Backpack for the Tri-Star/Western Flyer. It weighs just a few ounces, and the zipper completely opens up so you can pack it with all kinds of stuff... water bottle, shoes, clothing, etc. with lots of room to spare.

          I am currently using the PCSB as my gym bag. My only real druther is that I wished they had a duffel version of it (basically a Packing Cube Shoulderbag on steroids). The PCSB isn't the most comfortable backpack to sling over just one shoulder, and it would be easier just to have one shoulder strap. But other than that, I'd recommend it for stuffing your gym stuff in.