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Tom Bihn should make a bowling ball bag!

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    Tom Bihn should make a bowling ball bag!

    I've been bowling since I was 5, but have been out of the game for about 5 years due to the local bowling alley burned down and life commitments. We recently got news that someone is finally bringing a bowling alley back to our town this fall and I have decided to get back into it. In the meantime I will be driving out of town to practice and was recently shopping for a new bowling ball bag. The search made a thought pop into my head... I wonder what a Tom Bihn bowling ball bag would look like. I'm sure it would retain the Tom Bihn style and functionality and probably last forever. I don't even want to begin to think about the color options... This will more than likely remain my personal dream and will have to continue my non-Tom Bihn bowling ball bag search. Until then, I am using my LCB to carry my shoes and accessories and it's working out nicely.

    I love bowling but unfortunately can no longer participate, since it hurts my wrist too much (I keyboard most of the day).

    No idea what a Tom Bihn bowling bag might look like, although I could see one looking like a Co-Pilot.

    Hard to say, but a bowling ball bag might be a bit *too* niche even for TB. Hehe. You should see if any of the existing bags can be used as one.


      Actually, if the crew did decide to make a bowling bag, several of us would want it, just because it's a Tom Bihn bag!

      Oh I am so label conscious!
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