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Finally found a reason to buy another Tom Bihn Bag!

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    Finally found a reason to buy another Tom Bihn Bag!

    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve ordered a Tom Bihn bag. Actually I think my last order was two medium, and one small Café Bag’s for my wife, mother, and daughter; as well as a Shop Bag for me I use it often when I take my motorcycle shopping (it fits in my pannier perfectly – I turn [it] inside out to put the side pockets on the outside. I get more stuff in it that way and can still fill up the side pocket – consider that design change it works!).
    I love my SuperEgo. I haven’t found a need to get any other laptop bag.

    Anyway I’ve found a reason to order another TB bag. My daughter’s been taking knitting lessons at the local library. There’s a clutch of grandmothers that teach this skill to the younger woman of our community (who are interested). My daughter picked it up rather quickly and very well. She’s working on a sweater and hat for me! Anyway, the knitting bag she brought started falling apart, and she was complaining that, although it was a knitting bag, it didn’t fit her needs quite right. So, Ding! I had an idea. I remembered the Swift, so I logged onto TB and looked at the swift. I picked Crimson and Hemp for her (Crimson and grey are her college colors). I ordered them with two extra yarn sacs (Ultraviolet, Crimson), with an extra knitting needle pouch. Needless to say they were a hit! She switched bags immediately, and is the envy of her knitting group. That bag, as are all Tom Bihn bags, is perfect for its intended purpose.

    Now that I have the TB bug again, I’m going to order a Large Café bag for my wife (she’s out grown the Medium I purchased for her two years ago, and a Buzz for one of the IT guys that works for me. He loves the sling type bags for his laptop, and the Targus he brought for himself fell apart. Sadly I don’t need another bag for myself. The SE with Brain Cell I purchased 4 years ago is too good. The only change I made was purchasing a new 2S Brain Cell to fit my new 15” Lenovo W520 Laptop. The combo is the best $200 I ever spent.
    Humm, maybe my mom could use Swift in Cork or all Hemp (just to be different) as a shopping bag. Come to think of it I have a real nice neighbor who walk his dog and is very responsible with his pet’s poop. I bet he’d appreciate a Citizen Canine.

    Oh, boy I'm in trouble now.
    Last edited by MikeL; 05-21-2012, 02:05 PM. Reason: Color change of yarn sack!
    Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.

    Swiftly now!

    I purchased a Swift two years ago. Not as a knitting bag, but a general purpose bag for trips, etc. The clear pockets are great to hold things such as teas bags, wine openers, etc.
    I even recently acquired a photo insert for the swift so I could carry wine and other bottles without clicking together. Plus it gives support for standing upright. If I need the whole bag, I remove it.
    Your mom would get good use out of one. It does make an excellent shopping bag.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


      Oh MikeL, what a wonderful gift for your daughter. Now she not only has lasting organization for her new hobby, but she has a token of your support and encouragement to remind her you believe in her every time she reaches a tough spot in one of her projects. Excellent choices. If she's interested in finding patterns, information on projects, or sharing interests with other knitters, send her over to Ravelry. We have a TB fan group there too.
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        Can we be friends? You can buy me bags. I would willingly love/take care of any TB bag sent my way!


          BPritchard - I know my mother will love the Swift! It's right up her alley. Good ideas you had. The insert should do well to help her carry her wine and other items.

          Dorayme - thanks for those kind words. I am very proud of what my daughter has accomplished. She's a very determained young woman, and she can cook too! Now she needs to pick better boyfriends! Oh, the trials of a father...

          Darbs - I wish I could give a TB bag to everyone, I love them so much. my motto, "Spreading the TB message one bag at a time!" I'll PM you when I win the lottery. Heck everyone on the Forums gets a bag if I win the lottery. It's the least I could do ;-)
          Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.


            I look upon TB bags that reminds me of that old ad for Jell-O brand gelatine. "There's always room for Jell-O!" For me - there's always room for another Tom Bihn bag!
            "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


              I read the topic title, and was all, "What, you need a reason to buy a Tom Bihn bag?"