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    so, the natives appear a little restless...

    my wife says she wants a new bag. she says that she wants a purse she can carry on her shoulder. she's currently carrying a louis vuitton on her forearm.

    so i suggest the little swift.

    she says - no, she wants to spend at least $100 on a bag. so i tell her - the little swift in cork costs more than $100.

    she responds - she wants to spend at least $200 on a bag, at the mall, with a brand name.

    i tell her that the little swift is a brand name bag - it's a tom bihn bag. and if it were sold in the mall, it would cost twice what you pay getting it directly from tom bihn.

    it's designed in the us, and made in the us with materials sourced in the us (except the cork from portugal and the dyneema from japan) by fine folks who are paid fair wages. and tom is a super cool guy! and you know where those other materials come from and you are buying from a company who puts forth the due diligence with regard to the manufacturers who provide those materials.

    she mentions michael kors and something else. she says she likes michael kors because it has the same initials as her.

    i suggest that she change her name to toni braxton or tyra banks to address that oh so important requirement.

    she still wants to go to the mall.

    she mentions again that the louis vuitton isn't comfortable to carry.

    so i say, okay, why don't you carry the cocoa ultrasuede little swift in the mean time, until you find something else that you like.

    i point out the poron foam filled handles and the fact that it can be carried on your shoulder on in your hand.

    i even offer to transfer the contents of her louis vuitton into little swift. everything fits wonderfully!

    so she's off to the mall, carrying the little swift, looking for a michael kors bag or who knows what else.

    i'm not sure what else to do...let's see what happens...

    she's back.

    with a silver, glittery bag by coach that's made in china.


    as parents with teenagers say, hopefully this is just a phase...

    i need some pepto!


      That took what,an hour? My unscientific survey of these forums suggests the average TB buyer spends days selecting a bag...


        I have been known to criticize handbag departments for looking like Atlantic City exploded in a frenzy of silver lame' and bling. However, there is something to be said for a pretty handbag with a zip closure and interior pockets in the right places. There are a few rare moments when cordura or ballistic just don't hit the right note.


          Mav...if there is something all men need to learn when it comes to the women in their life it's this: never try to understand why they bought yet another handbag or pair of shoes.

          It may not make sense to you. It's not supposed to. Just accept it. Trust me, your life will be easier.
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            Frank II is right and I've got the bags to prove it.
            Take care
            List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


              maverick, there is no reasoning to it, and as others have said, no need to try to analyze it, it will just make you insane. I went through a phase and although I wasn't seeking an expensive designer bag, I wanted something definitatively feminine, fun and cute. I ended up with a Maruca and the minute my things were packed inside, I was craving my LS. In my case, I came back to classic, the LS just works rather perfectly for me. I was especially ecstatic that the all black LS was introduced, as soon as they are stitched, one is coming my way.

              I'm to the point that I recognize, I may have other handbags that come and go, but my LS, will be there when I tire of the others. Ready to carry me through another season, always looking simple, classic, not throwing my shoulder out, or cutting into my flesh, amazing me with the surprising capacity and ability to hold one more thing, helping me to remain organized, weathering whatever nature or my kids throw at them, and complementing me in almost every situation, the LS has become my all time favorite goto handbag.
              I really, really like TB Bags!


                Well said, dorayme! I also have a Maruca (City Girl), and a couple of Sak purses, and a couple of Coach purses (one small classic old leather, and the other the fabric bling kind, a gift), but my "go to" purse is my Cork LS. It solves all the "problems" that you mentioned that arise from carrying the other purses.... lack of: capacity, organization, durability, versatility, and comfort.

                Then there's the "Made in the USA" -by-people-we-really-like factor!
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                  i'm no one to object to yet another bag with all of the bags that i have in my closet!

                  i just object to the choice of bag here! but it's all good - more poking fun than anything else!

                  what i love - i think all of the tom bihn bags i have cost less than the louis vuitton, prada and gucci bags she has. yet, all of the tom bihn bags i have provide greater value (imho). and all of the tom bihn bags i have will outlast the louis vuitton, prada and gucci bags. mwahahahaha!


                    I hate to tell you, but your wife doesn't want a Tom Bihn bag. She wants a Michael Kors purse.

                    Just nod, and say "OK dear" and let her buy her purse.


                      I love my TB bags, I really do. And I definitely use them more than any other bag. But I know where your wife is coming from. My heart does a little skip when it sees that LV pattern.


                        Originally posted by darbs View Post
                        My heart does a little skip when it sees that LV pattern.
                        mine does too, when i spot a tom bihn bag!

                        i saw a swift walking through reston town center the other day, and couldn't help but stop the person and tell them what a cool bag they have!


                          I understand bag collecting, I have had the bug since I was 3.

                          All materials and sizes were tried on and bought, I even got the smallest offering of one big brand name, which was one of three bags I gave away.

                          I have to admit that I am fond of 3 Tom Bihn "bags that can be used as purses and look fabulous in the process" The Large and Small Cafe Bags and the Swifts.

                          I bought them in coordinating colors to go with each other and my clothing.

                          I know the Synapse is a backpack but it is so small and stylish, it is part of the everyday carry.

                          I have to admit that I bought two little shiny vinyl clutch envelopes after I discovered Tom Bihn bags which also match my clothing and my Tom Bihn bags.

                          My Small Cafe Bags are asking for matching little Swifts and another Synapse, holding off is a very difficult task.

                          I am very happy to see that I am not the only one with a strong passion for the best bags on the planet!


                            I just wish I had found out about TB years ago. It just so happened when I found out about the Swift I was not carrying a handbag. I had been a diaperbag user for years. I hated bringing both. But then little z graduated from needing a diaperbag and there will be no more Ray babies so it was now time to get bags for me. Since my first few were TB, its been so hard to try anything else. They all seem lacking.
                            I really, really like TB Bags!


                              My other bag obsession is Vera Bradley. I love the colorfulness and the soft cotton fabric (washable!) but in the past few years they've shifted their manufacturing to mostly China (some bags are still made here--you have to read the tags) and the quality has gone down considerably, and I don't think it can all be blamed on China. They're made to wear out now. You used to be able to wash and wear those things for years. Now the fabric is cheaper, the design is not as good, handles are flimsy and show wear in a few months. Interior pockets are no longer quilted on many styles. The "microfiber" bags have really flimsy lining. I picked one out on the website and went to the store, all ready to buy it, and changed my mind when I saw how cheaply it was made. Also, they don't have O rings! I find O rings more necessary all the time.

                              These days my MCB is my everyday carry. I would love to be able to downsize to the SCD but haven't been able to yet. If I have extra stuff, or it's supposed to rain really hard, I use the Synapse. But on the weekends, I find myself using the Vera, mostly the newly designed Wristlet, which is the only new thing they've put out for a while that was, in my opinion, an improvement. They made it a little bigger, and added card slots and a zip pocket. I also sometimes carry the wristlet inside my hemp Little Swift (clipped to an O ring, naturally) if I have more stuff to carry or am taking my crocheting somewhere.

                              I would love something in the nature of a Side Effect in ultrasuede, without the waist strap....it could be a cross-body bag with the strap, or a wristlet with the handle loop. *plants seed, waters it hopefully*