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the tom bihn " french " label controversy or not?

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    the tom bihn " french " label controversy or not?

    snopes.com: Tom Bihn Hidden Message Label

    some are going as far as not buying anymore tom bihn products after reading the article :

    Bihn*"French"*LAbel - OBOW Light Travel Forum - One-bag, carry-on, light travel tips, techniques, and gear

    more over here : Need a small companion bag for my Sky Train - Page 2 - FlyerTalk Forums

    i think that it's all very funny and the label and its content has nothing to do with the bags themselves. freedom of speech indeed.

    i know that this is old news to the tom bihn crew but it was new to me and maybe to other forum members as well. interesting read to say the least.
    aeronaut[black/solar]tristar[black/red iberian]western flyer[black/steel]synapse[black/steel]side effect[black/wasabi]medium cafe bag[black/wasabi]large cafe bag[black/wasabi]shopping bag[steel].

    Surprised to see this, and it it was about GWB (I assume it was), that's inappropriate whatever your political leanings are. Oh well, hope it boosted sales.


      I was pretty tickled to find out way back when I found Tom Bihn listed at Snopes. Who figured!


        I speak French and the president is Tom, French for CEO is President Directeur General.

        A great joke on the part of the Crew who, before Apple invented portable and private music listening devices, had to listen to French Canadian traditional music, which is really nice but not to everybody's taste.

        Making it political is just silly.
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          This is a really old issue--it has been years since this label was last used.

          Having said that, it was always a big hit with my French friends and family. I wish it would come back.