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    Tom Bihn Saves the Day

    Just got back from a 6 day business trip to Lima, Peru. Took my Aeronaut as my main suitcase, and my Synapse as my day bag. Wore the Aeronaut over the shoulder with an Absolute strap, and the Synapse on my back. Used my TB packing cubes in the Aeronaut, and an Ipad Cache in the Synapse, as well as a couple of organizer pouches. Loved the organization and flexibility of this set-up-- couldn't be more perfect for my needs!

    On my way back, after a long week of work, it turned out that my red-eye flight from Lima to Miami was going to be delayed about an hour in taking off. This meant that I would have just one hour (instead of the planned two hours) to get off the plane, go through migrations and customs, pass security and reach my new gate for the connecting flight. The airline recommended that I rebook then and there for a later connecting flight. I accepted, since I have previously spent as much as hour in MIA just to get through security, let alone complete all the other steps. The last thing I wanted was to reach Miami, miss my connection, and then possibly miss the next flight too, in the case that it had already filled up.

    The next morning in Miami I breezed off the Lima flight with my two TB bags. Quickly negotiated migrations and then customs, which was particularly fast since I had no checked bag to wait for or recheck. Before I knew it, I had reached my connecting gate, with about 10 minutes to spare prior to the departure of my original flight! This in spite of arriving about an hour and 15 minutes past the scheduled arrival time.

    Having rebooked my connection, I no longer had a seat on this flight, so I went to the counter, explained my situation and asked if there was any way I could get back on to my original flight. The agent looked at my small bags, made sure I had no checked bags (of course not!), and then reviewed her computer. I was in luck! Having all my bags with me allowed me on to the flight minutes prior to them closing the door.

    The next challenge was where to store my bags-- all of the overheads were by now chock-full. The stewardess looked at my bags, and asked-- "do you think you can get that (the Aeronaut) under the seat?" Believe it or not, I got the Aeronaut under the seat in front of me, threw my Synapse into small space available overhead, and was ready to go.

    Having this kind of flexibility and quick movement would never have been possible with a roller bag. I got home a few hours prior to when I would otherwise have arrived, with all my bags and belongings safe, sound and in my possession. Thanks to the folks at Tom Bihn for a great set of bags and accessories that made this possible!

    And for the curious, my packing list (which includes what I wore):

    -2 jeans
    -1 pair of slacks
    -2 button down shirts
    -2 polo shirts
    -1 blazer
    -2 sweaters
    -1 t-shirt
    -3 undershirts
    -4 pairs of underwear
    -4 pairs of socks
    -1 scarf
    -2 pairs of shoes
    -1 pair of flip flops
    -1 belt
    -Moleskin notebook
    -Folder with work papers
    -Cables and chargers


      I love hearing these stories of Bihn bags in their element!


        Me too! I'm always amazed about how easy it is to breeze out of a plane and grab connecting flights sithout so much as breaking a sweat.


          That is just way awesome


            Oh how I love walking off a plane and straight past baggage claim! And knowing that you can make tight connections is great too. Definately worth it at the end of a holiday when you're exhausted and sick of airports.
            Another benefit is knowing that you can always fit your bag on your lap in a cramped bus / taxi / rickshaw, so can take that last seat to wherever. :-)


              Wherever can also be, just there.

              When hurricane Issac was threatening severe weather further and further inland, it was time to shelter in place for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. The threat of subsequent flash flooding, made the eventuality of having to get out of there, in a hurry, very real.

              I proceeded to set up an emergency bag, which grew into 2 Brain Bags, 1 Aeronaute, 2 Large Cafe Bags and 1 Small one in addition to my everyday Synapse and Large Shop Bag.

              Such is the inconvenience of needing big clothes, wanting to save two big laptops full of memories and other things I really treasure.
              All of this fit into our storage closet which is usually used for bikes but gets promptly turned into an emergency shelter, when the weather starts to turn sour.

              Husband stuff can quicky be stuffed into the huge bag containing my Aeronaut, being a medium, his wardrobe can be upgraded very easily, at thrift stores if necessary.

              Tom Bihn bags on the go or in emergencies. Yup! Definitely winners!
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                Thanks Jea for the post. I had a somewhat less harried but related experience yesterday. My flight was a much shorter haul than yours but do to an unexpected issue I got on the airplane with the last boarding group (I usually luck out and get preferred seating on this airline). Needless to say overhead space was likely to be found only with a lot of issues. But I sat down, crossed my fingers, and slid by Tri-Star under the seat in front of me even though it was packed to the gills and it had my Co-Pilot inside. While I have had it for many trips this is the first time I was not able to put it in the OH and given how much stuff it had I was a bit worried. In the end the bag saved the day and no checked baggage for me. Logan is my home airport and waiting for the luggage to arrive adds a lot of time. My partner was on the road two weeks ago and had a different experience. Delta simply drew the line and said no more OH bags. He is a big rollerboard guy and thinks my obsession with one bagging it is a bit extreme. I offered my Tri-Star for the trip and said he didn't need it and that it is too heavy to deal with. He now gets why I am so into TB products.