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Introducing Aubergine 1050d U.S. ballistic nylon

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    Originally posted by dorayme View Post
    This color has induced a state of perpetual swooning. Every time I see it, my knees become weak! THANK YOU Tom, Darcy, and whoever else picks colors. This one is amazing! It's my dream come true!
    I'm glad you (dorayme and everyone else) like Aubergine. Choosing the color was truly a team effort. The whole crew wants Aubergine bags!
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      This is my first trip back to the forums after a hectic month or so. What a wonderful surprise! The aubergine is lovely. Now I just have to figure out what I'm getting in it.


        Wow, whatta color. I never wanted an Aeronaut until now.

        Darcy, is it possible to get a Swift in Aubergine/wasabi without the Knitty logo? Knitty did such a great thing in collaborating with Tom Bihn, but I'd prefer something without a logo. I'm a kneedlepointer.


          Originally posted by TavaPeak View Post
          Darcy, is it possible to get a Swift in Aubergine/wasabi without the Knitty logo? Knitty did such a great thing in collaborating with Tom Bihn, but I'd prefer something without a logo. I'm a kneedlepointer.
          I, too, would like an Aubergine Swift without the logo. Perhaps since the Knitty Swift is a limited edition, after it is sold out a plain version will be produced? Please?


            One more vote for the Aubergine/wasabi Swift without the logo.

            Love the new color -

            Will there be any aubergine backpacks?
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              Oh my, my wish for a steel/ultraviolet Tri Star may have changed to a aubergine/ultraviolet Aeronaut. Is it possible to have too much purple like color in one bag, I think not.

              Has anyone seen how the aubrgine looks next to plum. Like Dorayme, I have a bit of the plum color around.

              Take care,
              List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


                Love love love love love...did I mention love? ..... AUBERGINE!!!!!!!!! And aubergine/wasabi?!?!?!? AHHHH! PERFECT -- must make more bags in that combo please!!!!!! (Smart Alec, Cadet, WF ....)



                  Ooooh! I love it! This color is going to look great with my olive gear. Perhaps an aubergine little swift later this year


                    Darcy, may I request for photos of the Aeronaut in Aubergine showing the wasabi and ultraviolet lining?

                    Will there be a Western Flyer Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket with wasabi and/or ultraviolet lining?



                      OH MY. I can't believe it! The most perfect color ever!

                      Darcy, please, please, please, please, please don't only make one batch of the Aubergine/Ultraviolet Aeronauts . . .


                        Oh, I'm dying! I was waffling about a Navy/Wasabi Aeronaut, but now I've seen this....

                        Walker, there's a photo on the blog of a wasabi lined aeronaut.
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                          I finally figured out what this color makes me think of. The Home Depot commercial where the woman's looking for the perfect shade of purple. Not PURPLE, but Purple. This color is absolutely gorgeous! And paired with wasabi? Oh my! *looks at budget* This color will be around for a bit, won't it? Pretty please?!???!!! I need time to restock funds!


                            That really is a beautiful color... says someone who already owns a plum LCB.....


                              I haven't been around the forums a lot lately so didn't have any advance warning of a new color when I received the email today...boy was I surprised.

                              What an absolutely gorgeous color! I loved plum but I think this is better. Now I need to think of something to need
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                                Wow! This colour (Canadian over here ) is gorgeous! I might have to order an Aeronaut now.
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