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    Newbie to Tom Bihn

    I ordered some bags last week and LOVE them. How could I have been so late to this party??

    Better late than miss the party altogether =D


      The only problem you face now is the urge to buy more. Trust me, I know.
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        Last week I spent $261.00, and yesterday I ordered $241.00. These are the greatest bags ever! I want them all. Especially I like that they are all made in the USA. And sturdy, lightweight, durable, washable, and very cool looking!
        So glad I found this site. But my wallet is not!



          Originally posted by baglover View Post
          Last week I spent $261.00, and yesterday I ordered $241.00... So glad I found this site. But my wallet is not!
          Hello, Beth ... and Welcome to Tom Bihn forums!!

          Congratulations on your TB purchases! Newcomers will always suffer a bit of post-purchase cognitive dissonance, but after that first order, and after they understand the quality product they have purchased, the Bihn Acquisition Syndrome (BAS) will kick in. The fact that you placed an order only a week after your first order is evidence that you have become afflicted with this rather pleasant, sometimes painful, but fun malady!

          I should know; I've been using a wonderful Zephyr, Co-Pilot for a few years, and a Snake Charmer has been my faithful cable bag living quietly in the back of my SUV. Then this past Spring, I ordered a Ristretto (my main murse). I also started following some folks here on the Forums and watched video reviews. And, BAS hit with a vengeance. This was my Summer of Tom Bihn... I purchased a Brain Bag, a Super Ego, an Aeronaut, another Co-Pilot in (oooohh) Iberian Dyneema, an unholy number of pouches and key straps ... and the TB Luggage Tags ... oh, the luggage tags ... people have asked me if I work for TB!

          Now, I'm starting to look too much into the Synapse reviews...

          Anyway, Beth ... have fun here on TB, enjoy your bags ... AND your cool screen name!


          Someone please help me!
          I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!


            Hi Beth!

            Your wallet and my wallet can be best friends. :-) I have found that new products and new fabrics are released on a schedule that, while perhaps not often enough for my brain, are pretty good for my personal spending money fund. I bought three of the larger bags in short amount of time and that tapped me out for a few months, but my TBS (Tom Bihn Savings) are back up to a respectable level and I'm keeping an eye out on what's being released in Aubergine. If I see a Black/Augergine/Wasabi Smart Alec, I'm ready to pounce!

            What were in those two orders? I hope you got something in the new Wasabi Dyneema. It's awesome!

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