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Please send cure-I am obssessed with Tom Bihn products!!

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    Please send cure-I am obssessed with Tom Bihn products!!

    Wallet-wise, this site was an awful discovery for me. Otherwise, I love these products!
    My first order was on 9/15, with 4 more orders since then. That is only 3 weeks.
    I am getting 1 order today, and another 1 on Monday.
    Silly me, I added up the total amounts.
    $270.00 just on SHIPPING. I REALLY must learn to be patient and wait for UPS ground shipping in the future, if I have any money left to buy anything else! I could have bought an (Aubergine) Aeronaut for that.
    OMG, this is crazy.
    And I have never been an obssessive person about anything. In all my 56 years of life.
    In fact, I am extremely of the school of minimum possessions in life.
    I'm sure that my career for the past 12+ years of being a Child Mental Health Counselor,working with very young, traumatized (physically & mentally) children has taught me that our stuff means nothing in the end. And spending 4 months in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina working with the families was certainly an eye-opener. And working for a company that sent me to military installations all over the world to work with the soldiers and their families.
    Maybe part of that is why I love these bags-I am always ready to go. I like what TB says that if you can't fit it in you don't need it.
    I guess I apply that to my life, not just a trip!!
    Aside from my bed and TV basically, I can fit everything else in suitcases. Of course, kitchen stuff could also be a bit heavy!
    So all, please either send me a cure, or support me in my rationalizations!!!!
    Thanks for reading.

    There is no cure. Sorry.


      The best cure is to make sure you have a TB bag that all you other TB bags will fit in. Aubergine is beautiful.
      Take care
      List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


        Some help is here...

        Originally posted by baglover View Post
        ...please either send me a cure, or support me in my rationalizations!!!!
        Hi, Beth ... as I alluded to in my reply to you back in the the thread you started a couple of weeks ago, you are now in the throes of Bihn Acquisition Syndrome (B.A.S.). - a painfully delightful condition! Welcome to the club!

        I support you!! (While admiring you for your career's work!) And, I offer some suggestions... but first, to help in your rationalization, knowing that you purchase the best, highest quality, and most attractive bags on the planet, should make you feel better as you basque in the realization that you are a really smart shopper!

        I recommend commiserating on the TB Anticipation Syndrome forum. And, when it hurts badly, you can watch all the video reviews of TB bags for a little, albeit temporary, relief - especially this one.

        I usually order something when having symptoms. Perhaps a pouch or two, or a couple of TB luggage tags. I just recently ordered
        a Synapse (Navy/Iberian) because it had only been two weeks since I ordered something. Unfortunately, it's on backorder until November. That's NOT helping, Tom!

        I hope this reply has acted - a least a tiny bit - as a palliative during your struggle.


        Someone please help me!
        I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!


          I am not so sure this is the right place to ask for help?
          We are the Inmates after all!

          I am sure I can stop anytime......it just doesn't seem likely that I will?


            Thanks, AVService!
            So true!



              You made me feel better! I can tell you know exactly my dilemma. Love these bags!
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                Love your idea!


                  Hi baglover
                  I got an opportunity to see the aubergine fabric. Oh my goodness, it is one of TB's best. My birthday present to myself is going to be a Tri Star and anything else I can find in aubergine. Don't worry too much about being over the top at first, it happens a lot. You'll be ok in time.
                  Take care,
                  List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!