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    OK, so I'm kinda new to Tom Bihn. I just finished my first trip with a Tristar and will be ordering more items, brain cell, Kit, Op's etc...

    that said, looking through the website and discovering items with colors that I'm not familar with. Sometimes there may a photo of the item available or not.

    My suggestion would be, maybe have a page on the site that has all the current colors available. If this exists and I have not found it i aplogize.

    My two cents............


    OK....................so I thought I had been to all the far corners of the Tom Bihn site. I just found what I was looking for when placing my order.


      Cramer, welcome, and congratulations. If you haven't seen yet, Flickr is a great resource to find pictures of Tom Bihn bags, color combinations and features; past, and present.
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        OK, so where is this far corner? Because I'm still looking for the place that shows all the colors that can currently be ordered. Thanks!


          OK, if you put an item into your checkout cart it will have a hotspot next to it that says select a color. That's the only place I've found that actually has all the colors on it, even some still aren't there.

          Hope this helps.


            Originally posted by PEARtastic View Post
            OK, so where is this far corner? Because I'm still looking for the place that shows all the colors that can currently be ordered. Thanks!
            I'm not sure, but cramry might be referring to the color link on the product pages (where the text in the top right reads "Select a color"). That gives images for a lot of current colors, but usually leaves out some (for example, storm, turquoise, and ultraviolet Dyneema).The other problem is that the color swatches aren't as helpful as looking at real products in those colors, and often you want to see how the colors look when viewed with other colors (for example, storm, turquoise, and ultraviolet Dyneema, where the first link shows storm against navy and sapphire, the second shows turquoise (and azalea) with contrasting colors (like cayenne and sapphire), and the third shows a variety of different products in ultraviolet Dyneema.

            Dorayme's suggestion of using the links at the top of the product page to customer photos (on Flickr) or to videos may help. You can also post a question in the forums, and someone who has the particular item you're interested in, or products with that color combination, might either post a picture or direct you to one that has already been posted.

            HTH. moriond


              Thanks, that is indeed what I was looking for. I had spotted it one time a few months back, but completely forgotten it.

              The color link with thumbnails is useful because sometimes--but not always-- the product images have a caption saying what color they are. I have not spent enough time drooling over the TB website to know automatically what all the colors are. And I have looked out at the flicker pictures, but sometimes you just need a quick confirmation of a color.


                Another way to check for colors is to go to the blog page and type in color names into the search box. Thesre are often announcements when new colors/fabrics are introduced, and they usually have accompanying photos. Also, sometimes there are composite color images, as in the case of the clear organizer wallet varieties available at the end of November 2011. (There are different combinations available now.)

                Material is Cordura unless otherwise noted. Top row: steel Dyneema, black, Vulcana Hemp, cocoa. 2nd row: navy, turquoise, olive, kiwi Ballistic nylon. Bottom row: plum, cardinal Ballistic nylon, azalea, cork.