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Backpack smaller than smart alec.

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    Backpack smaller than smart alec.

    Are there any plans to make a bag smaller than the smart alec that can still fit a reasonably sized laptop (I have a macbook pro). I am a small person, only 5'5 and a light packer. Consequently, I want a small bag. While the Smart Alec seems smaller or as small as other bags out there I just don't see why it has to be a full 18 inches by 11.5 by 7 to cary a laptop and a few books. It seems to me that something 15'x10'x6 (or even 5) would sufice to cary a couple books, papers, pens and a laptop. Anyways maybe I am missing something (if so let me know). I am just minimalistic and would love to see the smallest bag possible for my needs.

    Have you looked at the Buzz ? I'm not quite sure that it can fit the Macbook Pro, but if it does (and someone from Tom Bihn should be able to tell you that), it sounds like just the thing you are looking for in regards to size. And as you shed space in a backpack the less clutter you get from a slingbag seems more appropriate than all the straps and clutter of backpack, no ?

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      I totaly agree and I love the buzz, sadly the laptop pocket is too small for my macbook.


        I too would love a smaller backpack - but one that is still large enough to cary my 12" Powebook in it's Braincell #5...I would LOVE a smaller version of the Smart Alec that I could use on a more daily basis than the regular Smart Alec - I find that one just a bit too big for every day...
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          I asked Tom if he's thinking of making a smaller backpack or a smaller version of the Smart Alec. He replied, "Always." I'd keep an eye out for a smaller backpack of some kind to debut late this year/early next year.
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