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The Imago: A new small messenger-style bag

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    a shot in the dark

    Will the size 4 brain cell just not physically fit into the imago or will it fit with some 'cramming' in? My notebook is 12.5" wide and I so want to give it a home in an imago....maybe I should just switch over to a size 6 brain cell or soft cell? My averatec 4270 has a lot of extra room in my size 4. Please advise on how hard you would have to cram to get a size 4 in the imago....thanks!


      I got the bag!

      Ok, first I was thrown by bbcamp's question and Darcy's subsequent response that the Imago didn't have a handle - I like handles, and became depressed at the thought that I was a doofus who ordered without even checking to see if there was a handle.

      Second, no penholders - I had already been bummed once when I realized another bag I had didn't have penholders.

      Third, the absence of velcro on a shoulder bag is so weird and unfamiliar.

      That all being said, I LOVE it and can't wait to try it out tomorrow!


        Mine came today. The colors are beautiful and I love it - especially the outside zippered pockets.
        The only thing that's missing for me- and I have the same reaction to my cafe bag- is that there are no zippers on the inside pockets. It's just my personal preference to have inside pockets sealed in some way so things don't fall out. Other than that it's perfect.


          Yipee! Mine just arrived (yang...black/black/wasabi). Construction is first rate as we have all come to expect with TB products. Earlier I asked if the clips to attach the Brain Cell are inside the Imago and the answer is no but that is ok because the Brain Cell nearly fills the cavity and is not going anywhere.

          I was a bit suprised how little room there is once the Brain Cell is inserted but now I believe that is a very good thing because if I have a bigger bag then I just bring more stuff (which is what I'm trying to avoid).

          The wasobi interior rocks! It is very easy to find things on the inside. I really like how there are extra loops to clip keychains or organizer bags. In sum, the Imago is a keeper!


            Awesome! Everything has its place, and I can even pull my phone out of the zippered ultrasuede pocket while I'm walking! Without turning the bag whatsoever! Squee! My water bottle goes in one of the inside pockets and I can grab that while I'm moving too! Notepad in the front scoop pocket. LOOKS, COLOR A+++

            Imago hits a home run!


              Brain cell in Imago?

              I was about to order my Imago and brain cell because this did seem like a great bag for our new macbook, but then I noticed that the Imago page seems to say that it won't fit a size 6 (macbook) brain cell!?

              Say it ain't so, Darcy. I would really like to order one, but I don't think an Imago plus a soft cell will provide enough peace of mind protection for my macbook.

              (thalweg, I assume you have a size 5 brain cell, and you say there's very little room left over. Does that mean a size 6 brain cell really will not fit? (how do the various sizes work anyway?))


                You can sortof squeeze a Size 6 Brain Cell in the Imago, but it takes up virtually all of the space inside the Imago and distorts the shape of the Imago, making it a bit boxy. We've decided not to recommend using the Size 6 Brain Cell with the Imago -- sorry.
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                  I've been using my imago for a few weeks now and I'm actually glad there are no additional zippers. I can't believe how much this bag holds. I am kind of a bag junky but haven't found a daily bag up until now. The brain bag is perfect for traveling with my notebook but I'm a short female and it's huge as a regular bag.
                  The imago replaces my regular sized backpack and a large gear bag. I use it without a notebook and it holds everything I need. I use the back opening to carry my notebooks and several books. I can reach inside and grab things while the bag is closed.
                  It's just about perfect. The one minor change I'd like would be to have the shoulder strap connected so that it can be removed to reverse sides. It's more comfortable on my right shoulder because of the way the shoulder pad is designed. I'm left handed and would prefer to have the shoulder pad curved to fit my left shoulder. It's a pretty minor issue given all the strengths of this bag.


                    I agree with mrae...this is an extremely functional size for a bag, and perfect for a travelling day bag. One minor issue -- since the strap only adjusts on one side, and since I`m quite short-waisted, the length-adjuster-thing tends to be in the way of the sliding pad when I scootch the bag around to my back. However, despite the curved pad, I`ve been switching back and forth from left to right shoulders comfortably.


                      inside pics

                      Does anyone have inside pics of the Imago?


                        Here's a flicker set, they got shrunk when I uploaded them, I can replace them with higher quality ones if people are interested. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomveat...7594207147836/

                        It just came today, I'll post thoughts later when I've used it more. My initial impression is that it's really a great bag and I'm very happy with it. Like the others who have posted though, there are stuff I overlooked when I ordered it.

                        I thought it would be larger. The size 6 soft cell with a macbook is a tight fit. Hopefully it will loosen up a bit after I use it for a while. In those photo's I had the macbook, a power adapter, and a external drive in it's case, as well as a ipod and razr phone in the side pockets.

                        I wish it had a handle and pen pockets, and I don't think the waist strap is removable, which seems odd. I really like the crimson color, I was afraid of it being over the top, but I was wrong.

                        The bag is going to be perfect when I go back to school, I usually only have one class a day and this bag will be awsome for a textbook and notebook. It also will complement my growing collection. I have a medium cafe bag, now a imago, and later on I'll probably get a super ego or brain bag when I need the kitchen sink with me.

                        For those with macbooks, is it safe to have my poweradapter in one of the inside pockets next to the laptop and the external drive in the other? I'm scared of that stupid magnet ruining my stuff. How I am I supposed to carry the power adapter?
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                          The waist strap is removable. I removed mine. You just have the two little thingies still attached to the bag... very unobtrusive though.

                          I still love this bag! I usually switch bags back and forth depending on the day or week, but I haven't switched since I got and started using the Imago.

                          Haha, I didn't even notice the shoulder pad was sided.

                          The Imago totally makes me look sharp


                            Thanks for the pics! Now I've decided to get one too :-)