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Which bag should I go for?

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    Which bag should I go for?

    Hi folks -

    First off, love the bags! The question is, which one to get? I'm moving back to the USA after 10 years in Scotland, and need to protect my aging (but fab!) Advent laptop. I've never flown with my laptop before, and need a bag that can carry it as well as my power cable, a thick paperback, perfume, wallet, phone, H2O, spare shirt and underwear (gotta have the extra underwear - just in case), yet still be under the carryon weight limit (15lbs, I think). I'm also looking for my bag to replace my current daypack, which I use for grocery shopping, as well as just bumming around town.

    My laptop measurements are: 12.5"w x 10"L x 2.25"H.

    I love the Brain Bag, but am unsure which insert would fit my laptop best - Brain Cell or Monolith? And as my laptop is so old...5 years, in fact, I feel it needs the most protection in can get, which sounds like the Monolith.

    Gah, help!


    For your laptop it seems your only options for protection is the size 3 Brain Cell. Since that is a landscape option you need to combine it with ID, Super Ego or Empire Builder, all of which should fit your stuff. But if you want a true carry-on bag I would look into the Maximum carryon bag that is coming soon. Though as of yet there is no option to clip the Braincell in there so it has to just be packed tight with clothes or something.

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      Cool beans, Cobos! I ended up going for the Super Ego and Brain Cell, but oh, I shudder to think of the cost once Customs and Parcel Farce get their mitts on it I figure I'll be paying about $45 more or so. Oh well, it's a bag for life, right?



        Originally posted by Dryad
        Oh well, it's a bag for life, right?
        Seriously. My Brain Bag is nearly three years old, and it is impossible to tell that it didn't come from the factory yesterday. The only sad part is that I'll never be able to justify getting a new color...