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Field Repair of Brain Bag

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    Field Repair of Brain Bag


    I find myself in Africa with a Brain Bag as a daily companion. (And a darned fine one at that) Yet with all the rough handling that a bag gets here is no surprise that a small hole has appeared in the middle pouch.
    (see attached)

    So as I will be here for another 18 months or so I figure I should do something to keep it from getting bigger on this end.

    I have some of this:

    I could put inside the pocket, and superglue, if it would help. Any suggestions?


    PCV, Cape Verde
    Attached Files

    I just want to add a note to make it clear that this BrainBag has been mishandled in every way possible. The little hole, no doubt a cut from some sharp object, in no way reflects the bags durability. This bag has been all over Cape Verde with me (a little island chain off the coast of West Africa) as well as Spain and Portugal. I filled it up with too much stuff and carried it by one strap while drinking and making merry. It has been suffed under the seats of overloaded minivans (Haices) and checked into airlines and stuffed into small planes. All that time it kept my stuff, including my Powerbook, safe. I worry that someone seeing the hole might not know the whole truth and avoid an otherwise wonderfull bag.

    I taped it up for now, as I need to to survive while a while longer before I return to its place of birth. Then, perhaps a sew on patch would be in order...