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More little pouches.

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    More little pouches.

    What about having a couple of pouches (PDA size, cell phone size) that would attach to the front straps of the BrainBag, and the Smart Alec? They'd be handy, prevent us from having to search through the contents of the bag to answer the phone, and would look particularly cool. Which is the master goal, is it not??

    We are working with OP/TECH on a cellphone pouch that would velcro onto the Brain Bag or Smart Alec or any other backpack with a sternum strap adjuster on the strap pad. Their pouches are make of stretchy neoprene. I'm not sure what their schedule is for production on that product - I'd guess within a couple of months.


      This is exactly the thought I was having.

      I'm in the final throes of arranging budget for the purchase of the brainbag+extras (The ministry of finance is tightly controlled by my wife (: ).

      I have a lowe-pro bag right now that I've "attached" through many various means a cellphone case for the left shoulder and a Rio MP3 player case to the right shoulder. I'd love to have these types of cases as an integrated option.

      Kind of like what you can get for the e-holster thing but without the serious dork factor involved in that product.


        Thet e-holster thing looks interesting - I hadn't heard of them before.
        Our friends at Op/Tech USA say the vertical-mount cell phone cases might be available in a month or so, so stay tuned.


          Thanks a lot for your response! I didn't expect the boss to do the menial work of replying to the serfs and peons!

          A vertical case sounds good -- that's what I'm using now (candy bar style cell phone) -- even just the addition of some strap materials to the outside of the shoulder straps to make this easier (see the REI / MEC backpacks for examples) and would allow the attachment of all kinds of screwy stuff.

          Thanks again for the response, and I think I've got the in-laws prepped to get me a brainbag for xmas!