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Happy to join the Tom Bihn family with the arrival of my new Aeronaut

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    Happy to join the Tom Bihn family with the arrival of my new Aeronaut

    Hi all. My name is Mike and I am from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    I've been looking at Tom Bihn bags on and off for a long time. I have an upcoming pleasure trip to Paris with my family and I wanted to start travelling lighter and just doing carry on wherever I go. I read countless reviews and went back and forth between the Aeronaut and the Red Oxx Sky Train and I finally bit the bullet a few days ago, placed my order and just received my new black/steel Aeronaut.

    I am very happy with it after doing a test pack for my trip yesterday. I ordered two large storage cubes with the bag and was surprised how much I could fit. While I am at it though, I placed another order today for 2 small packing cubes, an end pocket cube for shoes, couple key straps, suede shoulder bag wrap(for my Pacsafe bag) and an Absolute Shoulder Strap. I don't intend to use the Absolute on this trip but figured I would probably use it on smaller load domestic US trips.

    Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

    Congratulations on your new Aeronaut! I don't have an Aeronaut, but I do have an Absolute Strap... it's almost magical how it makes heavy loads manageable. Be sure to post pictures of your Paris trip.... we'll look forward to seeing those and hearing about your trip!
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      Welcome to the forum Mike!

      I love my Aeronaut and I'm sure you will come to love yours too.


        Welcome to the addiction of Tom Bihn!! I just got my Aeronaut in December and it took me about a year of research, but it has been the best investment ever! Welcome and enjoy.


          Congratulations and welcome!
          I have the Aeronaut also. I have using it about a year after using the Sky Train for a couple of years. Both are very good bags, but the Aeronaut is a good deal larger, but actually looks more compact. The Sky Train bulges very easily width wise, and since it's shorter, it just looks bulkier and I have had more flight attendants want me to gate check it on regional jets. I also prefer end pockets and the external pockets on the Aeronaut. I'm sure you will get a lot of use from your gear.
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            Now you do know that this certainly will not be your one and only Tom Bihn purchase.............welcome to the affliction!