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Product Idea: Passport Pouch

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    Product Idea: Passport Pouch

    EDIT: I realize there is already a "Passport Pouch," instead this should probably be the "Passport Wallet"

    I posted this idea originally at edcforums.com (here).

    I think a good product idea would be to create a "passport wallet" in the style of the TB organizers. The TB organizers are stylistically consistant as stacks of fabric and sewn together with a fabric hem around the edge (a great design for flat stacking!).

    What I am envisaging for a TB style wallet would be to make something slightly bigger than a boarding pass, with a clip on the corner like a TB organizer. On one side would be a clear polyurethane zippered compartment slightly larger than a boarding pass. You could have an ultrasuede divider inside like on the clear wallet (the reason being you could carry unfolded cash and also boarding passes/receipts and have them separated).

    Then on the other side you could have some non-zippered card pockets like on the TB surprise. The layers would be: (1) polyurethane (2) ultrasuede (divider in clear compartment) (3) ballistic nylon (4) dyneema (5) ballistic nylon — lower height to reveal the dyneema backing for the card pockets. The ballistic nylon layers would be stitched together (with the dyneema) to create card slots.

    Alternatively another idea would be to have the non-clear side also be zippered with the card pockets internally. Or you could have say two card slots externally on the non-clear side, and then also a full-height zippered compartment sized for a passport (obviously the passport should fit in here somehwere).

    Also there could be a plastic insert for rigidity.

    Lots of possibilities, but the main thing is that I love the TB pouches and the whole system around that, but for travel there is a whole category of "passport wallets" and TB doesn't have something that really fulfills this role well. The current passport pouch is good for concealed carry like for walking around a major European capital (to prevent pick pockets), but there are also lots of products targeting the "passport wallet" market. Traditional passport wallets (and I have several) do not have a clear section for viewing the documents on one side. Instead they zip open in a bi-fold format. Doing it TB style means you don't have to fold it open, you can see the carried items immediately, and yet the items would still be secure.
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    Well I tried to mock this up but photoshop crashed before I saved.

    I have no talent with photoshop so it was ghastly, but it looked pretty good with iberian dyneema and navy blue ballistic.


      I really like this idea. While I do use my RFID blocking passport pouch frequently, it would also be nice to have some more room available for other papers. Maybe one section of your "wallet" could have the RFID blocking material too.
      Eat well, travel often.


        Originally posted by nukediver View Post
        I really like this idea. While I do use my RFID blocking passport pouch frequently, it would also be nice to have some more room available for other papers. Maybe one section of your "wallet" could have the RFID blocking material too.
        Yes the passport pouch I really see as a way to discretely carry your passport on your person. This would be a way to organize travel documents, receipts, boarding passes, and a few plastic cards all in one place in your bag.


          Yet another great idea for Tom to work on!

          In the meantime, I plan to use a Medium Clear Pouch.

          Not that I would not be delighted if that Travel Wallet Pouch and the FJN for iPad Mini were ready this spring!


            I often use a medium clear pouch for my travel docs. For RyanAir, you have to print your own boarding pass on a sheet of A4 paper and if you fold it in half it just fits nicely. Pinned to a long key strap, there's no risk of dropping or losing it too. You could even put your passport pouch in there as well.


              Yeah the existing pouches work, but aren't perfect for a "one stop shop" for travel. Since there are tons of these passport wallets out there, I'm fairly confident there's a big market for them and a TB product might fly. But I'm not an expert.

              And if anyone at TB reads this, two vertical card slots plus a horizontal slot for the passport would create a length perfect for boarding passes/etc. on the other side. The passport slot could be zippered too for added security (then again maybe not if friction is good enough).

              Anyways, just an idea.


                In the age of ultra lightweigh carry on only travel, one need to be mindful of waste of space and weight.

                The Passport Pouch and a Medium Clear Dyneema Pouch with ultrasuede insert to make it a Medium Clear Dyneema Wallet with Passport Pouch combined, the back of the Medium Clear Dyneema Wallet would be the back of the Passport Pouch make sense.

                I want to keep the Passport Pouch Velcro, way easier to use with a passport that it's beloved zipered Passport Pouch ancestor (I have several of them and used to them as wallet until they were retired) and I switched for another TB Accessory.
                I also like the zipper in the Ancestor Passport Pouch, it is much better for credit cards and receipt. If the two could be combined it would be great!

                However, the Passport Pouch size while ideal for passport, card, receipts and other small stuff is way to small for printed boarding pass(es), hotel(s), rental car)s), train/boats/museum tickets...

                Well, anything that can be e-something and leaves a traveller at the mercy of a computer glitch. a reservation system or person mixup to end up stressed out and without a way to get anywhere because "It's not on the computer".

                A paper copy might not do anything if the providers are in the habit of overbooking everything, happy to get twice the money for the capacity of their dwellings or fleets, leaving you with the headache of finding any full price service elsewhere and the problem of cancelling all unused charges back home.

                Design wise, I know that Tom can make something stupendous so I just defer to him and the Crew because I love the north/south opening of the Passport Pouch but I see that a top/one side half zipper could be useful to extract paper documents.

                It could be sized to be an inset into the beloved FJN back pocket or one of several (Travel Pouch, Fancy Pen Case (with pen pockets) , Loose Pens Case (like a flat Kit) external Modular Pockets, Smart Alec style.

                I forgot but due to the incompatibility of anything paper with H2O derivatives, a Splash Proof Zipper would be more than welcome in a stand alone or External Modular Pocket Passport Wallet.
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                  Alright here are some photos of what I had in mind. The long pouch on the back would be for the passport. Alternatively it could also have a velcro or zipper closure.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Pouch.jpg
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Name:	Pouch2.jpg
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                  The reason to have two card slots is that if you look at other travel wallets around the web, you'll notice that a passport is almost always adjacent to two card slots because they are the same size. This gives it a nice 50/50 symmetry. Alternatively it could just be one card slot if the result is long enough to hold a boarding pass + currency.

                  See these two:



                  The advantage a TB wallet would have is that (1) you wouldn't have to open it to see the contents and (2) currency/boarding passes are visible and don't have to bend to close the wallet.

                  Anyways, these are just my ideas, a dream product for me. I hope Tom takes a look at it!
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                    Nice job drbobguy.

                    I would consider buying one of these wallets.


                      I've always thought a Tom Bihn passport wallet would be great.

                      My preference would be for something similar to the Field Journal though, in a rectangular format (say 8" x 4"), cordura with an Aquaguard zipper.

                      Maybe a slot on either side of the exterior (for tickets, or an RFID blocking passport slot) and, on the inside, card slots, maybe
                      a zippered pocket and a slot for one pen.

                      What do you say, Tom? Darcy?


                        It it essential that all new Pouches for items containing RFID technology effectively block detection or reading of RFID chips.

                        When I got my Blocking Passport Pouch for the UV yummy color, I wondered why it had foil like underwear and wondered if TB Inc hadn't got all Victorians on us.

                        Once again, Tom was ahead of the curve and had anticipated a need.