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someone make a webpage about shoulder straps

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    someone make a webpage about shoulder straps

    there are three options for shoulder straps (on, i.e. the brain cell) but nowhere is information about any differences between/among them.

    boo, hiss

    As far as I've learned somewhere, I think it was either here in the forum or Tom Bihn product info, the Absolute strap is when you need to carry a heavy load comfortably but it might slide of your shoulder if you start doing acrobatics.
    The terragrip is if you don't have that much weight like 4-8lbs and want to make dead sure it stays ON your shoulder, even when you are Spidermans distant cousin

    Hope this helps.

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      yes, and the "no strap" is for if you already have an old duffel bag laying around

      i just figured, they should make a web page, extolling the properties of the supernylon polycoated alloy used in the most expensive strap, plus some kind of accessory that goes with it to keep it in its polynylon supercoated splendor...


        the absolute shoulder strap

        hi there,

        i've recently gotten an absolute shoulder strap, and it is definitely the most comfortable shoulder strap i have used. with the aeronaut carrying a heavy load or with the brain cell carrying an apple powerbook, i appreciated having this strap on my shoulder.

        i would love to see this as an option for the id and superego messenger bags, the way it is for the empire builder.



          Near as I can tell, the differences are listed on their own product page, which is located on the accessories part of the site: http://www.tombihn.com/page/001/CTGY/ACC

          Unless you were wanting something more detailed -?
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            aha, i'd somehow missed that one. "a unique patented internal control-stretch system." beauty