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    Is that you?

    Just watched part of the first episode of Treasure Hunters. Is that the Buzz on everyone's back throughout - or someone making some kind of knock off bag?

    It sure looks like the same thing - even down to the "Sage" color.

    I haven't heard any product announcement for it yet (of course, that would have to fight through all of the other product placement they have going on the show.)

    It will be interesting to see if any teams ever notice the label.

    If that is the Buzz - congrats for the publicity.

    I didn't catch the show but will next time! I doubt it's our Buzz, because we would probably know about it if it were. That's it -- it should be our Buzz, and the ultimate clue in unlocking the treasure would be the hidden label message!
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      Actually, as I look back at the pictures on the NBC site - it does look like the bags everyone is using are too thick to be the Buzz - and there is some kind of zippered pocket near the point where the shoulder strap attaches to the bottom of the bag. (The bag also looks different because every bag has a US Flag in the bottom left corner - but I had figured that was just NBC getting on the Jingo-train.)

      Too bad - the Buzz would be great in that application - although it might not be big enough to hold whichever computer got the product placement deal with NBC.