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Packing a Cafe Bag?

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    Packing a Cafe Bag?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and am looking for a little help. I am a student at a distance-learning graduate school. Around four or five times per year, I travel to a school-related function, like a conference or a face-to-face class. I also travel for work, sort of. I'm in the process of setting up a consulting practice and writing a book with a psychiatrist/my boyfriend who lives in another city. I estimate I'll be away from home about two weeks per month.

    After much research (I'm a bag-aholic like many of you), I bought a Brain Bag, Brain Cell, Freudian Slip, and Snake Charmer last year before I started school. It's perfect and can handle almost all of the books I usually need to lug around with me for trips. However, once I get to wherever I'm going, I don't want to have a bag of that size to carry everywhere. I just want what I need for a specific class or to make sure I have something to work on when I have any downtime.

    I usually carry:
    a notebook
    a book or two (not textbooks)
    a few journal articles
    pencil pouch (post-its, highlighters, etc.)
    meds pouch
    bottle of water? (I'm open to carrying this)

    I've been using a small Timbuk2 messenger (ballistic nylon) that I bought before I found Tom Bihn. It works nicely for carrying my stuff. Unfortunately, when I pack it in my roll-aboard, it takes up too much room, and I have to check my back. Yuck. I'm considering a large Cafe Bag.

    Finally, my questions:

    How well would a large Cafe Bag pack?

    Would an Imago be better or still too big? What are the dimensions?

    I may not have the patience to wait for the Imago, to be honest! Also, it looks about the same size as my Timbuk2.

    Thanks for reading this book. Any suggestions or comments?

    I think it will depend on 2 things: how big your wallet is and how big your notebook is.

    If the notebook is a binder of any kind the Large Cafe Bag is not going to work. I've been using a Large Cafe Bag as my everyday bag for nearly a year and the only time I've had trouble with space is when I am trying to carry something legal-sized or something especially thick.

    What kind of wallet is it? If it can fit in your pocket you should totally have room for it in the bag.

    My Treo (in it's case) fits neatly in the largest of the inside pockets and the rest of what you mention should easily find room in the bag.
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      Originally posted by tcw5678
      Thanks for reading this book.
      I can't answer your questions (though I am thinking of getting a large/medium cafe bag myself, if not both Imago and cafe bag), but I had to let you know that this line had me ROFL!



        Thanks for the responses so far. A couple of clarifications:

        I wasn't thinking of a binder, just a regular spiral notebook, so I'm happy to know that'll work.

        Wallet's a trifold thingy, doesn't find in my girl-size pockets, but decently small.

        When I asked how well it will pack, I didn't mean how well everything will pack in it, though, of course, that's helpful to know. I searched and read what was already posted, so I have a general idea. I'm wondering how it will pack into my roll-aboard suitcase. My Timbuk2 takes up too much room when it's collapsed and packed to take along so that I can use it at my destination. I'm wondering if the large Cafe Bag would collapse flatter, smaller, etc. Thanks!

        Also, to Just, happy to provide a moment's entertainment. Endorphins are good.


          AH! Now I understand.

          When the Cafe Bag is empty it will pack as tight as you can roll it. There isn't any built-in support or padding to get in the way. The only thing that might give you trouble is the shoulder pad on the strap. The rest of the bag is all fabric.
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