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Smart Alec or Brain Bag for short trips

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    Smart Alec or Brain Bag for short trips

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading a lot of reviews and doing some searches here on the forums, but could not make up my mind yet on which bag to buy: the Smart Alec or the Brain Bag.
    I intend to use this bag for short trips (about 3 days), taking a few clothes and my 13.3" laptop with me.

    The Smart Alec seems a little small, for that. But someone might have been able to travel like this with this bag...
    The Brain Bag seems a little bigger than expected: I'm not a very tall guy (5'10"), and I'm narrow-shouldered, so I don't wanna look as if I was carrying the whole world on my back

    Does anyone have a suggestion on which one is better for this?

    Many doubts...

    I use a Brain Bag as my everyday backpack. It holds a lot, and it's a big bag, yeah ... but it's not weirdly huge! I've never had anyone comment on how big it is, for example. It also gets fairly flat when it's empty, and there are straps on the sides to cinch it as small as possible, should you wish.

    That said, before I got my Aeronaut I used my Brain Bag as my main travel bag for short trips. It was usually pretty much completely full. I couldn't travel with a smaller bag, personally.



      I'm a fan of the Brain Bag myself. Smart Alec seems a little small for your purposes. I'm about 5'7" and I don't ever feel like the Brain Bag is drowning me or swallowing me up, so I think you'll be fine. Plus, like Joy said, you can cinch those side straps down when it's not as full, which helps alot in making it seem smaller.


        Thank you, guys

        I think the Brain Bag is the better one of those 2 options, for me