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Anyone order from Germany or Europe

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    Anyone order from Germany or Europe

    dear people here at tom bihns forum,
    is there anyone out here who ordered bags to europe (esp. germany?) i would like to order a bag from here (actually, i'd like to order all of these bags...), though taxes and fees might make those precious bags even more precious.
    if there is anyone, how much did you pay for taxes and/or fees?
    many thanks already,


    I ordered a Imago and a Soft cell to Germany, but unfortunately the package got lost in the mail :-( But don't be afraid, because I guess that I just had bad luck. That is since the replacement arrived properly today in France. Huge thanks to the Tom Bihn crew!

    To my great surprise, the package had cleared the French customs without any additional taxes or fees :-) ! This can't be the standard procedure for all merchandise, so I guess that the limit for taxation of imported merchandise must be at least 200 $ in France. Due to similar taxation procedures in all EU countries, I don't see why it would cost you a fortune to ship merchandises to Germany. Of course, supposing that you do not order all the bags ;-)


      good news! but i agree, according to my postman, usually there should be some tax. but as he said it should only be taxes, no fees for post etc. i will post again after my order has arrived...


        I've ordered lots of shipments from Tom Bihn... I'd say maybe half into Oslo, Norway and the other half to assorted friends and hotel rooms for when I'm visiting the states. They do add the VAT, but when they send it as GEM/EMS at least in Norway you get the full VIP treatment from the Norwegian postal office. They messed up my shipment at the Oslo airport last time and they called me and offered to have it brought to me by courier the next morning

        So for short I only have good experience ordering to Norway.

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