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Collapsible Hangers

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    Collapsible Hangers

    I know there isn't A Tom Bihn Garment Bag yet...
    Till one emerges , I've been using the Blackhawk CIA Garment Bag. The only trouble is that on a few occassions, I've found that my regular hangers have 'jumped' the hanger post, leaving my suits in a heap at the bottom. These hangers are supposed to be better- does anyone have similar experience with garment bags? Alternative Hangers?

    aluminum folding hangers

    I must confess that I generally fold my shirts and trousers (often in Eagle Creek Pack-it folders) when I travel. But I did notice these real cool hangers by Orkan (link below). I have no idea is the would work in your garment carrier but they look very cool.


      Those are cool. Lexon Design had a couple that were similar as well. The problem remains:
      when a garment bag is folded, the hanger hook essentially becomes oriented 180º or 'upside down'. Only hanger hooks that swivel and LOCK into place will stay on the hanger rail. I can't believe only one company has the patent on that concept. the other challenge has been to keep the trousers in place in a garment bag with hangers. They invariably come off as well. So I figured I'd use a wooden clothespin to hold them onto the hangers. Ther's got to be a better way for all this.



        Sorry...I didn't mean to take thing off on a tangent.

        I am familiar with the hangers that you are talking about because I have several traditional suitcases and a garment bag that have those sort of hangers with the the hook that rotates to lock it on. I think that the hangers are typically fairly lightweight and flimsy affairs but some might be better than others.

        I would recommend going to a luggage store (maybe even with your garment bag with you) and looking at the hangers in the premium manufacturers garment bags (e.g. Andimamo, Hartmann, Tumi). Perhaps one of these makers includes one that is better than the rest. If you find one that way that fits and you like then you could either contact the manufacturer or try a company like Ohio Travel Bag <www.ohiotravelbag.com>to see about ordering some. If you do this I'd be interested in what you find out. I hope you find what you are looking for.


          Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I did buy and use the Lewis N Clark hangers I bought from Ebags.com last week. They are a far cry better than the first gen hangers they used to make- so I can confidently recommend them- though I grant you- that they will not likely last more than a dozen trips before getting a bit loose and wobbely.
          They're also not too cheap @ $4.00