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Snap/Clip Adapters for Brain Cells and Bags?

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    Snap/Clip Adapters for Brain Cells and Bags?

    Any chance that you might produce an adapter kit that would allow the use of old-style snappy Brain Cells with the new-style clippy bags? Or, for that matter, new-style clippy Brain Bags with old-style snappy bags?

    Old-BC-to-new-bag seems like a pretty simple thing to make -- just a loop of nylon strap with a snap to attach it to the Brain Cell. To go the other way, you'd have to have a clip on a snap, or maybe a snappable or velcro loop that could provide a snap on a new Brain Cell.

    Either form would make transitioning to a new bag much easier (and having both would make it easy to swap both newer and older Brain Cells with new and old bags).

    (I'm itching to get a Super Ego, but have an old 12" Brain Cell in my ID. I'm about due for a new laptop (which will require a new Brain Cell), but in the meantime I would still want to be able to use my old Brain Cell.)


    Interesting idea

    I hadn't thought of your adapter idea but I did correspond with Darcy @ TB via email last week because my circa 2002 Brain Bag and 2 of my Brain Cells have snaps (I've acquired a buckle Smart Alec in the meantime and some different sized Brain Cells and Monoliths for new computers).

    What she said made total sense. It is fairly easy for them to add snaps to a Brain Cell for customers but adding the buckle apparatus to an existing Brain Bag (and presumably other models) is a major undertaking requiring the bag to be disassebled and then put back together so they don't offer that service.

    In my case, my snap Brain Cells were for computers that are obsolete and I no longer have. My newer machines take different sized Brain Cells. I decided that the simplest thing to do was to buy a new Brain Bag and auction my old one with Brain Cells on eBay (currently underway). I'm happy because that also means that my Size 4 Brain Cells will no longer sit idle in my closet but will be in the hands of someone that can really use them.


      thalweg is exactly right.

      cmc --
      We didn't decide to offer an attachment like you describe because when we tried it, we found it was less than ideal -- it didn't fit with how we think the bags should connect with each other.

      Your Size 5 Brain Cell will fit in the Super Ego, and it shouldn't flop around inside of the bag, even if it's not secured inside.
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