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Organizer Socks?

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    Organizer Socks?

    Looking at my imago bag, I got an idea for a neat pouch. A pouch like the ones on the side of the imago, but by itself out of the heavy duty nylon with the soft lining for phones, pda's, or cell phones. It would be kinda like a ipod sock but heavier duty and with a zipper.

    This sounds like an excellent idea, though I'd wager that marketing would have to do some work on the name.... organizer sock just doesn't have that must-have ring to it

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      Cool idea. How much do you think a pouch like that should sell for? Do colors matter?

      I predict you're going to see a lot of small pouches from us in 2007. I'm currently testing a really cool looking pouch that I use for make-up, but could be used for anything -- cables, iPod, mouse, toiletries. It's made out of ballistic nylon and has cool piping on the sides.
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        The colors would probably matter for fashionable people

        I dunno about price, but it wouldn't be much of an issue for me especially if it was pretty heavy duty and padded/lined for my phone, but still able to fit in my pocket.


          Originally posted by renegadeot View Post
          The colors would probably matter for fashionable people
          We receive a lot of phone calls from people who want to order their Organizer Pouches over the phone because there are some very specific colors that they want (and don't want.)

          I think some people use different colored pouches as a sort of organizational technique. Cables go in Deep Blue pouches and pens go in Wasabi pouches, etc. I'm afraid I'm not that organized and pick different colors strictly as a fashion thing

          Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the pouches. I should be able to post some pictures of the new pouch I'm using soon.
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          Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.



            I want some made out of Dyneema!
            It could be a very small Packing Cube, 1/4 of an End Pocket, with or without mesh.
            I could use one for my toiletries, one for my small electronics.

            And why not Flat organiser pouch made of if?


              Try these...


                i really like this idea.

                i'm not sure how heavy duty these should be, since they will usually be carried inside another bag - 1000 denier codura would work well. these should have a soft interior that does not scratch, which also is not too thick. the soft interior should also not wear out over time.

                sizing these for popular electronics would be great - the ipod, ipod nano, popular mobile phones. and larger ones.

                i could take or leave the zipper, but it would be nice to have the option to get the pouches with and without the zipper.

                what would be amazing would be if you could design a way for these pouches to somehow attach to and detach from each other. the area for attaching should not add a lot of size or weight to the pouch. any ideas on how this could be done. like a zipper, but with a different material that has a smooth rather than zippered edge when disconnected from another pouch. maybe this could work like a ziplock bag, but with a stronger seal. this would be a neat use of some of the nanotechnology that is developing today.

                the same attaching technology could be applied to the interior of Tom Bihn bags such that these pouches could attach into certain spots.

                you'll have to see how you can price these. i'd like to see them at around $10 - $15 each.

                what do you think??



                  I really would love more organizer cases, pouches made with the same fabric as the organizer pouches.

                  I would love it if the pouches had a mini zipper tag (like a luggage tag but smaller) where one could write what's in the pouches.

                  The could be similar to the pictures on the 11-19-2006, 10:58 AM on Zephyrnoid post on the thread; raverganizer pouches.

                  But the tag could be a mini tag in fabric where a piece of paper could be slipped in and hiden with a little tag lip.

                  The cell phones and cameras pouches should be padded and match the pouches colors. It would be nice if they could have a solid clip in metal or strong plastic to place either inside a big or outside to be used while birding or wildlife photographing.

                  It is very comforting to see that nice and sturdy makeup pouch is almost ready for the marketplace.

                  Color is -very- important to me. Not only do I use color for organization and identification but I also love some colors and cannot stand others.
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