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2014 Tom Bihn Wish List

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    2014 Tom Bihn Wish List

    I haven't seen a 2014 wish list yet, so here goes!

    My wish is that cork fabric makes a comeback, assuming the manufacturer can provide quality fabric for the TB crew to use.

    What would you like to see in 2014?

    A Pilot and an Aeronaut Jr. In dyneema. Oh, please, please, please.

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    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.


      Ditto on quality cork returning, plus more Black/Solar Dyneema options!


        Originally posted by lagolden View Post
        My wish is that cork fabric makes a comeback, assuming the manufacturer can provide quality fabric for the TB crew to use.
        Oooh, this!!! I love the cork fabric and was really sad when it was discontinued.

        I'd love to see more colors of the Parapack fabric, and see it offered on more bags. I saw some of it in person and the photos really don't capture how beautiful it is. Aubergine or Azalea Parapack would be GORGEOUS.

        I'd also love a version of the Size 4 Knitting Tool Pouch (the cord pouch) with a couple of dividers like the TB wallet, so that it'd be easy to segregate different sizes of interchangeable needle cords. Possibly user error, but it's annoying when I reach for what I think is an 8" cord and pull out a 39".

        More sizes of the Pocket Pouch. The current size exactly fits my digital camera, but that's only because my digital camera is really tiny. I'd love a longer one sized for pens and pencils, too, since it would be as easy to access as a pen slot, and I think would hang nicely from one of the O-rings on the corners of a Cafe Bag.

        I wish the largest pocket in the Medium Cafe Bag was sized the same as the largest pocket in the Small and Large.


          An updated Imago.


            Wish list for 2014!

            A slightly bigger Synapse 25 with removable frame similar to guides pack.

            Also an updated brain bag made of the parapack material and more o rings.


              2014 Tom Bihn Wish List

              Since it is already apparent that the Christmas 2013 shopping season in in full swing and Tom Bihn has just released new products, it is a safe bet that we now see the complete and final Bihn product lineup for 2013. That means it is now safe to start speculating and suggesting for 2014.

              Here are a few suggestions from me:

              1: Field Notebook Extra: borrowing from a very thoughtful suggestion on the first page of the 2013 Wish List thread, I would like to see a new "big brother" to the Field Journal Notebook (FJN). This Field Notebook Extra (FNE) should be large enough to accommodate regular-size loose-leaf binder notebook filler paper. It should also be large enough to carry at least an Apple iPad Mini if not a full-size iPad. The FNE should be able to function like an enclosed, stand-alone Freudian Slip, but in form it should be configured to be like an extra-large FJN. The FNE should be sized so that it can be carried in a Brain Bag, Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, and Smart Alec. I'm not sure on the sizes of the Synapses, so maybe those backpacks as well.

              2: Smart Alec in camo. I know this is a long-shot, but I would love to see this.

              3: Camera I-O Mini: a padded, sealable camera insert pouch/bag that can be carried in either the Smart Alec or the new Guide's Pack. Not sure if this could also be made to work for the Synapses.

              4: Rain coat bags to fit over Tom Bihn backpacks and luggage.

              5: Poron-filled grab handle for the Synapse 25: Yes, this pack is large enough that you can stuff it with enough to make it that heavy.

              6: FJN in Camo: just for the heckofit.

              7: Is Tom Bihn going to make a Garment Sleeve for carrying a suit in an Aeronaut, or not? I posed this question in 2010, and have been waiting ever since. If the Bihn crew decided not to pursue this product concept, it would be helpful to know.

              Just a few ideas to get things started...
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                Anything in purple!


                  How about a padded wrap for the top handle of the Aeronaut. Something like the Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap, in a mini size.


                    -Synapse 25 in nordic/solar and travel tray in nordic

                    -+1 on Garment Sleeve

                    -An empire builder/zephyr sized briefcase with hidden backpack straps.

                    -luggage tag

                    -for skookum, a collapsible bowl for water/food


                      The Pilot in Black U/V

                      A TB drawstring backpack in Dyneema or parapack

                      Bring back TB bumper stickers
                      Satisfied owner of: Azalea Swift & LS, Blk/Plum Swift, Cork LS, Blk/UV LS, Synapse 19 & Co-Pilot, Steel/UV Pilot, Fst/Stl Tri-Star, Fst/Blk/UV SA, UV PCSB, Plum SE, FJN, & SCB, Aubergine WF, LS & Kit, Trvl Trays, Passport Pouches, and Shop Bags in all colors , Multiplying OPs


                        A range bag, for us active/semi-active shooters.

                        There are a lot of them out there... I'll bet Tom can out-do them all.

                        SuperEgo in black/steel/wasabi; Aeronaut 45 in cardinal/steel; Horizontal Cache (2M) in charcoal; Travel Tray in Ultraviolet


                          Updated Brain bag with 1050D and more o rings!


                            An update to the Brain bag maybe with 1050d!


                              Pilot! Please?
                              Black/Steel TS, Black/Steel A45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi A30, Black/Black/Steel Brain Bag, Black/Steel Co-Pilot, Black/Steel Pilot, Black/Steel Synapse 19, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Synapse 19, Black/Steel Cadet 11, Black/Steel Imago, Black Dyneema DLBC and DLBP, Black Dyneema/Wasabi MCB, Navy/Cayenne and Black/Solar SCB, Black/Wasabi and Navy/Iberian SE and many pouches in various sizes.