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    gym bag

    hi folks,

    there was a discussion on the tom bihn forums some time back about gym bags. i'm not able to find the thread, but i'd like to know what you are using as a gym bag and what you carry in it.

    i go to the gym in the morning, work out, take a shower and get ready there. so i end up carrying a lot of things with me - shampoo, conditioner, soap, face and hand lotion, hair gel, hair brush, toothbrush, and toothpaste. my shampoo and conditioner are in small bottles that i refill, but everything else is sized around 8-10 oz. so all of this stuff takes up considerable space.

    i used to carry gym shoes in my bag, but now i just wear my gym shoes. i may go back to wearing a different pair of shoes the rest of the day, so having the flexibility to carry shoes is desirable. i'd like the shoes to be able to go into a daughter bag that can be carried or left at home easily - maybe attached via a zipper.

    i also carry my gym clothes - underwear, socks, a t-shirt and shorts. some people may carry items with more bulk - sweat pants and a sweatshirt.

    and i carry a small bag with some fruit, and i carry 2 0.5 litre water bottles.

    i'm using a gym bag from tumi which has a dedicated shoe compartment, a large main compartment (into which the soft shoe compartment extends when there are shoes present in it), a thin side pocket to hold personal items like wallet, keys, etc. (i don't carry these in my gym bag - i use it for my bathroom articles), a thin side pocket (i use this for my dirty gym clothes - a little tight for the few gym clothes), and an end pocket (i can put either the fruit bag or the water bottles in this, but not both).

    here's what i'm looking for in a gym bag:
    - organize my bathroom articles so that they are easily accessible,
    - separate the clothes after i've worked out,
    - a daughter compartment for the shoes attachable when needed,
    - a place for my ipod, ear buds and lock.

    i think i could nicely carry all of this except the shoes in a large cafe bag. dirty clothes can go in a plastic bag into the back pocket. i am thinking of engineering a custom base that would vertically hold all of the bathroom articles so that i can grab them individually. this would sit at the bottom of the main compartment. the main compartment would also hold the clothes that are not dirty. and the ipod, earbuds and lock would fit nicely in the pockets in the main compartment.

    as i said, this handles everything but the shoes.

    what do you think? are you using the cafe bag as a gym bag? are you using something else? what has and has not worked for you? what would you recommend?

    regarding engineering the base to hold the bathroom articles vertically, can you make any suggestions? i want to make a mold based on the items that i would carry, but i don't know how to do this.


    Checkout this bag, click http://www.baileyworks.com/catalog/product.cfm?id=5
    to view. You can use the medium duffle as a carry on too.
    Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

    Travel Lite & Smart


      Aeronaut? Probably more room than you need, but if you hang it by its carry handle, your hygiene accessories could settle nicely on the "bottom," serving as a pseudo-shelf when you have the flap unzipped... just reach in and grab whatever. Shoes in one end compartment, clothes in the other.


        PM4HIRE, Just,

        These bags seem a bit larger than I was thinking about for a gym bag.

        I actually have the Aeronaut, and while it would hold all of my stuff for the gym, it would have room for a lot more. It just feels like it would be too big a bag for the gym.




          Yeah, personally I use a small Eastpak backpack for a gym bag, but I'm not taking as much to the gym with me as you are. Especially I don't have the bag of fruit with me.

          Good luck on your quest!


            Small Bailey Duffle

            A small Bailey duffle would make an excellent gym bag. The duffle has a
            slip pocket on one end and a zippered pocket on the other end of the

            Frankly, Outdoor Products makes a small version of this medium size bag,
            click http://www.rei.com/online/store/Prod...cat=REI_SEARCH
            to view, that would also work for you. Checkout the sporting goods stores
            in your area.
            Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

            Travel Lite & Smart