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Label - blue or grey?

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    Label - blue or grey?

    (I'm new to the forums so excuse me if this has been asked before)

    Are the labels on the outside of the bag light blue or grey? I saw a TB bag in person recently with a light blue label and then I come to the website and all the labels are a darker color. Which is it?

    I actually prefer the darker labels on the website to the blue ones which, to me, are too garish looking. I'm not sure what I'd get if I were to order one.

    I was looking at the Cafe bag, BTW.

    Welcome to the forums!

    The following Cafe Bag color combinations have the blue label:
    Steel/Deep Blue

    All other color combinations have the grey label.

    Personally, I think the blue label looks great in person. It's a nice blue. That said, I think we will eventually move to all grey labels, but that won't likely happen for a long time.
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        I have a small cafe bag in plum/wasabi with a grey label, & I just recently bought a medium cafe bag in steel/deep blue on Ebay that has a blue label. Both look great, though I do really love the blue label--of course, I also love the blue of the inside of my medium cafe bag as well, so that might just enhance it. Or maybe I've just not had enough blue skies lately (lovely snow/sleet/rain/icy day today...)

        If anyone wants to see a picture of both, let me know. Although, there are probably better ones all over the Tom Bihn web site!

        (happytohavetwoCafebagsbutthinkssheneedstobuysomeo rganizerpouches!)
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          Originally posted by Darcy View Post
          Welcome to the forums!

          The following Cafe Bag color combinations have the blue label:
          Thanks for the breakdown.

          When you say 'long time', what kind of timeframe are you talking about? A year? Two?


            I just received a brand new brain bag today, and the label was grey. The sample bag on the website shows a blue label...

            I kinda wanted blue .. lol

            Is blue label not made anymore?