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Watch Band? Laptop Harness?

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    Watch Band? Laptop Harness?

    hmmmm...just was wondering if it might be neat to have a TB watch band. As in it might get me to actually wear/own a watch. You could use that fancy "not-velco" stuff for the adjustable part and use left over roll ends of whatever materials remain after production runs. I always thought a pouch on the ourside of a band would be nice for a house/car key. Again a place where that "not-velcro" stuff might work.

    My second suggestion is I have tried one of those laptop harness thingies and actually liked it. I was not all that jazzed over the fit and finish so I never have bought one for myself.

    There are a couple companies that makes them. One is simply insane over the price but it might be a better item so I do not know for certain. That one can be found here Standalone Laptop BUT their site is among the most annoying sites I have ever visited...hit MUTE before visiting too...hehehehe...

    The other "brand" is from Toshiba which is more moderately priced. It was this one I have tried. It fit so-so and the straps were not all that comfy. The platform was pretty much OK. I just felt it was under designed and/or designed with the idea of very short term use. I could see using it for as long as 3-4hrs at a time.

    Yeah, they look NERDY but my thoughts are if I want to work outside and there is not a table handy I need to either carry one or juggle the laptop in, well, my lap. I don't much like the lap option as it's awkward and hard to fidgit into just the right position when sitting. In my mind I would find one useful when sitting where there is not a table (or even a chair) for the most part and I would fold it up to run on a tinkle break or something. A harness would be a nice option that I can promise you would sell at least one of...hehehehe...

    Well, those are my 2-pennies at 3am...