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Tom Bihn Sweatshop?

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    Tom Bihn Sweatshop?

    Hey how about a funny "Tom Bihn Sweatshop" t-shirts or something like that...I know I would by some if they come in size xtra-xtra-fat... I can see it now with the staff sitting beside the water on one of the islands sipping umbrella drinks.

    You could even put "the tag" on the back...hehehehe...sorry feeling very silly tonight! But I was serious about the shirts and/or hats...

    Excellent idea!!

    We're trying to find really cool U.S. or Canadian made t-shirts for our logo tee, but haven't had much luck. Any suggestions? That would be the first step for the "Tom Bihn Sweatshop" t-shirt. I love that idea.
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      How about American Apparel (http://www.americanapparel.net/)? Made in downtown LA. I have never seen their stuff up close, but I saw a report on them somewhere (I can't remember where now).
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        I think I saw that piece on the Travel Channel show "Made in America" with John Ratzenberger (http://travel.discovery.com/fansites/jrmia/jrmia.html). I couldn't find the segment on the site for American Apparel though.
        Come to think of it that show should do a piece on Tom Bihn. Hmmm...


          oh, fun!! I know I'll be in line to order some...

          Dunno anything in terms of mfg's though. If you did any embroidered types you could actually do that in-house with an automated machine...all the better for the "sweatshop" idea...hehehehe...

          Heck, retro-ish BOWLING SHIRTS would be awesome! There really does seem to be a lot of professional folks and folks in the techy type fields that enjoy bowling. Plus the shirts are super comfy...

          Then again I am always up for off the wall stuff...I blame the meds...


            wait...gotta run search for something!!


            I think they are the same company that was just starting when I had a small pro shop. As I recall their shirts are al Made in USA...

            You might also check into Hilton Apparel, and King Louie Apparel...
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