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Eclipse Redesign

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    Eclipse Redesign

    Someone in my office just got your Eclipse bag in grape. Pretty cool!
    So, there are many of us who wish to follow suit, BUT we want an Eclipse bag in Crimson. Darcy has checked and says there are none available anywhere in the world for sale.
    I understand that you are now designing a new Eclipse bag - please make it in Crimson (or find an older version SIZE 3 for me).
    Much thanks.

    Eclipse Redesign

    Post your suggestions for the new version of the Eclipse here.

    Right now, we're thinking: Same minimalist styling, functions as a micro-briefcase, but with an updated look - maybe it won't even have a front flap.
    Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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      Eclipse Redesign

      I would have purchased an Eclipse as is - except you are out of stock of the size 4, so I will await the new design.

      I think it is a great design providing extra storage and an organizer that is not found on sleeve products like the Brain Bag, yet it is still smaller than typical laptop briefcases and messenger bags.

      I really appreciate the storage compartment quality for my Tablet PC - similar to the Brain Bag. But when I travel I really want to have a place for my charger, a digital camera, a PDA and a few reports in A size format, ie 8 1/2 x 11.

      I like the front flap over the front pocket / organizer with the buckle clasp. It seems to solve several problems namely to cover the pocket from the elements, to secure the contents of the pocket from falling out, it provides a cover to hide some of the clunky items that may be placed in the pocket and last but not least it does this without velcro fasteners which are noisy and difficult to adjust in tension.

      You have a good thing going in the design of the Eclipse. My advice is not to mess with concept and functionality. Yes - spruce up the appearance, yes - offer more colour options and yes - more sizes.

      I have an HP Compaq TC1000 Tablet PC and would appreciate a size that is smaller than the size 4. It could be your size 5 (Brain Bag) or slightly larger.

      BTW I have a few other items that you do not provide cases for. Perhaps you may in the future: A Canon A70 digital camera, an IPAQ 1940 Pocket PC. Other people out there may have other PDA's or Ipods. A co-ordinated suite of "use alone or fit in one Eclipse" products would be great.

      Thanks for the forum and for providing the opportunity to express my comments to you.

      Bruce Gough


        Eclipse Redesign


        The only suggestion/improvement for the Eclipse I could think of would be a little more expandable file pocket on the back.

        But wait, the second left/second largest (front view) organizer pocket should be a little (few milimeters) larger to fit the iSight carry tube easier.



          The re-design of the Eclipse has been prompted by the fact that the Eclipse is very difficult to manufacture. Additionally, there were several customers who found certain design elements somewhat lacking.
          While I appreciate the esthetics of a flap on the front of the Eclipse, I find it is not as functional as a zipper closure might be; especially considering that all the things one is "containing" under the flap are small items which could easily slip out should the Eclipse become inverted. In other words, if you turn your Eclipse up-side-down all your crap falls out.
          I'm hoping to come up with a design that is as convenient as the flap and even cooler looking but adds the security of a zipper (probably one of YKK's Uretek water-repellant zippers).
          Colors are not really my department anymore - y'all just make sure that Darcy and/or Sunga tell the factory to make the right colors and that should do it!


            What I find most appealing about the flap design is that, coupled with the snap closure, I can fit a whole lot of crap in there. In my current Eclipse, I have managed to fit my iPod, my cellphone, pens, power adapters for both my laptop and my cellphone, a couple of DVDs, a paperback book and some snacks. Even better, I then use the snap closure to secure my umbrella to the bag as well. Would a zippered enclosure still provide the kind of space and expandability required to cram all that stuff into the pocket (foregoing the umbrella, of course, as a strap of some sort seems required for that to work)?


              I'm having ideas about something that closes with a zipper but still has a strap/flap thing so as to be able to tuck a sweater or what-have-you under it.
              A Brain Cell on steroids with a cell phone pocket and a really cool look.
              I could tell you more, but it's classified information and I don't want to end up in Guantanimo.


                Waiting for the redesign

                I've been checking every week for the last few months! Any timeframe for the new design?


                  I'd have to say sometime in the spring - say March. Sorry for the delay - I've been putting my "all" into the sling pack and there's also been some family health issues (Mom's doing much better, thanks).
                  Which size are you requiring?


                    eclipse bag

                    Originally posted by Tom Bihn

                    Which size are you requiring?
                    Hi Tom, I'm looking for a size 4 to fit my new apple powerbook Al. Thanks for the reply - I look forward to seeing the bag in Spring Glad to hear your mother is feeling better.


                      I'm skeptical about the zipper. First, I'm concerned about it scratching contents as they are taken out of the bag. Also, I hate using bags that require a 7-step procedure to get things in or out of them.

                      Have you considered a velcro-enhanced buckled flap as on the Cafe?

                      Finally, I'd like to see that little added piece of webbing my Cafe has on the side. It's been ideal for clipping belt holsters (cell phone, iPod, etc) to the outside of the bag.



                        Thanks for your input on the zipper. It is a concern many people have, but I don't know of a customer who has ever told us that the zipper scratched their computer. Perhaps a thin, padded flap under the zipper would help?

                        I think the webbing you're speaking of is the attachment for a waist strap, but that's a clever use of it. I never knew people did that!
                        Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                          It never occurred to me that it might be for a strap, it's quite wide and only on one side. It is very useful as a surrogate belt, though, and usually has a cell phone holster and an ID badge (or three) attached.

                          You can probably disregard my concern about the zipper anyway, I think the ID might be the bag for me, rather than the Eclipse. It'd be nice if the site helped differentiate these two from each other!


                            phobia -

                            I think of the Eclipse as a Brain Cell with a front flap and a couple more pockets. So it's basically just the hard-shell laptop case, with a decorative flap and a couple pockets. Very minimalist.

                            The ID is a messenger bag - you can fit the Brain Cell inside of it, and still have room for a couple books, and all your usual accessories.

                            I carry a bag that's roughly the same size as the ID every day, and while it's not always packed full, I carry:
                            Sweater, gloves, hat
                            iPod & all its accessories in a pouch
                            Whatever book I'm reading
                            Usually a magazine
                            Nalgene bottle
                            Wallet, keys, checkbook, etc.'

                            Plus groceries if I go to the store can just fit right in.
                            Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                            Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                              I'd love to hear from anyone who can compare the Eclipse and ID, size-wise, to a Brenthaven Mobility 1. I really just want one of those that fits my 15" and is as bulletproof as my last Tom Bihn. ;-)