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Eclipse Redesign

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    Originally posted by Darcy
    It's hard to say, but I would expect to see it by the end of summer.
    Summer is almost over. Any news?


      Now that fall is fully in force, any word on the Eclipse?



        No news yet. I do anticipate that the redesigned Eclipse will be available in 2006, but I am clearly pretty bad at predicting exactly when
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          The perfect roll-aboard strap...

          Originally posted by Tom Bihn
          I think we are mostly on the same page here. However, the quest for the perfect roll-aboard strap has been quixotic. Because roll-aboard luggage comes with many different widths of handle, we need something that would accomodate them all.
          I updated my two Empire Builders to have what I consider the "perfect roll-aboard strap."

          I simply cut a slit across the bottom of the "back" pocket and put a zipper in there. It works across all the different roll-aboards that I use. The downside is that I can't have any papers or a magazine in the back pocket while I make use of the new "piggyback" functionality. I'll gladly trade that for the increased ease of getting through the airport.
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            Any word on the Eclipse? I'm really missing mine, and the person I loaned it to won't give it up, or die, so that I can pry it from their cold dead hands.




              So, 2006 has come and gone and no new Eclipse in sight.

              Should we consider the Ego as the Eclipse replacement or is the redesigned Eclipse still coming out one of these eons ;-)


                I miss the Eclipse!

                This thread has made me sad... I'm a long-time Ecliipse owner, and recently poked around to find a replacement. My existing bag is finally starting to show some wear, with the main zipper catching regularly now.

                I'm *totally* bummed to discover that the Eclipse is no longer made, and no current bag exists that completely resembles it. AND that it was supposed to get re-released in a new version (according to this thread), but it looks like that never happened.

                Anybody know if there's ANY chance of a new one being produced, still? If not, I might just send my existing one in for repairs, but I was hoping for an update. And/or, I might check out the Zephyr or Id, which bear the closest resemblance to my favorite bag of any that Tom Bihn now offers. But I'm skeptical that I'll like them quite as much... the Eclipse (size 4) is simply too perfect size/weight-wise, and I doubt that I'll like something larger/heavier as much.