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Imago or Large Cafe: good large purse/carry bag?

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  • Just
    Imago. More organization for your stuff, and definitely easier to carry that 12" PB around in.

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    I purchased an Imago bag after 1st buying a medium cafe bag. Go with the Imago b/c it is larger and offers you more flexibility.

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  • Adi
    started a topic Imago or Large Cafe: good large purse/carry bag?

    Imago or Large Cafe: good large purse/carry bag?

    Greetings Everyone:

    About four years ago, I needed a daily carry bag and happily purchased a Medium Cafe Bag. My "purse" has gone everywhere with me since then and has been the best bag I've ever owned. Compared to the "disposable" bags I see all the time, the Cafe Bag is almost freakishly well-built. It always draws compliments and people want to know where I "just" got it as it still looks brand new despite hard daily use (I ordered it in the black exterior and an interior color that doesn't seem to around anymore, a very light shade of purple-grey or violet.)

    I seriously thought I'd wear out any bag before I outgrew it, but short of taking a blowtorch to my Cafe Bag, I don't think that will be possible!

    Here's my dilemma: I naturally thought about upgrading to a Large Cafe Bag, but I'm not sure it will be quite big enough for all the stuff I'm carrying around now vs. four years ago. The Imago looks like it might be perfect, especially as I can order it with an Absolute Shoulder Strap to make it even more comfortable.

    Here's what I'm attempting to haul around in/with my overstuffed Medium bag (having to carry a few things now!) and also what I'd like to haul around in either a new Imago or Large Cafe:

    --wallet (large size)
    --eyeglasses in hard case
    --business card cases (three -- I wear a lot of "hats")
    --four pens
    --two notebooks (both about 9" x 5")
    --various reading material including hardback books
    --occasionally my Powerbook 12" (already have a sleeve for it)
    --power adapter when PB is present
    --"medicines pouch" (basically like TB's large accessory pouch)
    --cell phone and handsfree headset (wired)
    --Buddhist prayer beads in their own medium pouch
    --meditation texts (like little bound spiral notebooks about 9" x 6" or smaller)
    --and various little things like lip balm, lotion, kleenex, etc.

    So, what do you folks think? Would an Imago make a good large "purse" or would the large Cafe Bag be more suitable? I think both are exceptionally good bags and this really might be more a question of which of the best would be best for me. It might help to know that I'm tall guy (6'4") so overall size isn't a big issue with either bag, although I am little concerned about the Imago's width vs. the Cafe's more vertical orientation. The only real issues are the daily use factors (which would be more convenient, easier to tote around, etc.) and which seems better at holding all my stuff for easy access.

    Any ideas or suggestions will be most appreciated especially from folks with either of the two bags. Thanks!

    Best regards,