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    Order for store pickup

    I am interested in some items that are backordered. However, given that I am close to the Seattle store I would prefer to swing by to pick them up, rather than pay shipping. I don't see an option to do this when I go to place my order. Is there any way to do this?



    Write in the notes section "local customer - will pick up." They will adjust the price when they charge your card.


      Excellent - thank you!



        Just be warned, you won't "save" any money by doing this - you'll just spend it on more stuff when you get there. Ask me how I know.


          I've done the same thing! SO many times. I call in and arrange to pick up my order, and then I get there and walk out with seven new things. I feel like the staff must stifle a giggle every time they hear the words, "I'd like to pick that up and save on shipping."
          So much Nordic Dyneema I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. They will bury me in it. "Where's Mom's urn? WHERE DID YOU GUYS PUT THE SYNAPSE 19 WITH MOM'S ASHES?"


            Oh dear... I think my bank account (and maybe even savings) could be in danger if I am able to make my Seattle trip at the end of the month. Any advice on self-restraint? (to control spending!)
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              Originally posted by taminca View Post
              Oh dear... I think my bank account (and maybe even savings) could be in danger if I am able to make my Seattle trip at the end of the month. Any advice on self-restraint? (to control spending!)

              Stick with your Wish List and your budget, let's say that you have an item in brand new color, and upon seeing it in real life, it is not exactly what you expected.

              But, you fall in love with another item in another favorite or brand new yummy color.

              Trust your instinct and go for the favorite, I have the same bag or accessory, in multiple colors because I found that if I fall in love with a design, I do, use the item, all the time, same with colors.

              So I try to limit myself to impossible to resist designs in the "I want to reach accross the screen", not anymore recommended that kissing the tv, before they were digital, to the picture of the favorite heartthrob or boy band cutie or "beam me up to the mother ship" not recommended in lounging attire.

              For example, I have been wondering about the S25, I love my S19s and shuddered when one forum member said that she sold hers.

              I believe that, at one time the S25 was available in Nordic without Solar, I wondered why I hadn't bought it.

              My justification was that I wanted to save money for the new designs but that went through the window when Nordic was officially discontinued and many favorite designs were made in that color and I snapped them up.

              The S25 in Nordic sold out and I thought I was the end of it, but it just came back in French Blue with a lovely inner color and I really thought it was made just for me.

              However, instead of setting the phone to the world clock; opening the S25 and accessories windows; write a list for the products in each color pair; drink some tea, but not too much; have some breakfast cookies then dial TB number. Nothing happened.

              I really love French Blue but I think that the Synapse 25 is not for me.

              While the greater capacity will be good, I don't know why I would need it to do errands while people can use a S19 as a one bag travel around the world.

              I just need to pack it more efficiently.
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                I did it!! I went, I picked up my order, I switched some of the stuff I bought for different colors - but didn't spend anything extra! Quite pleased with myself!