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    I wear a lot of black. I have more black shoes than are useful for one person. But - now that my angsty teen years are well behind me, I rarely do unalleviated black (interior colors don't count). Besides, all-black in ballistic or Cordura is just too tactical-looking for me. I'm also not a fan of black cars, though that has more to do with 1) growing up in the deep South before really good car air-conditioning and 2) it shows dirt and I no longer bother to wash cars.

    This is not to say I will never change my mind or luck into the right black TB bag, just that I'm not feeling it at this stage in my life.

    I think "black" is a perfectly acceptable color name. I just bought a pair of boots in a color called "forge grey" and they are essentially black. I would not have complained if the company had called them "black" even if they are a little wrought-iron looking around the edges. I do enjoy color names, especially when they're evocative ("aubergine" and "verde" just whisper "take me to another country"). If I had to rename black, well, onyx, ebony, coal and obsidian are unmistakably black in my world, so I'd probably go with one of those. Alternately, since aubergine and verde are borrowed, is there a recognizable non-English word that would take over?


      I like "Obsidian." Or if we're going for understated, "Dark."