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Aeronaut and which Brain Cell?

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  • Aeronaut and which Brain Cell?

    USAir delayed my bag on both ends of a recent trip, so I'm determined to find a bag to replace my small (1600 cu.in.) and larger (2100) wheeled carry-ons.

    Mr. OneBag has convinced me to try a non-wheeled bag. Since I'm very comfortable with a backpack and not sure about the lack of wheels, I'm hedging my bets by looking at the Aeronaut and Red Oxx' Air Boss.

    I currently carry my laptop in a backpack. Since I don't know of a comfortable and easy way to carry two backpacks ;-), I'm considering one of the Size 4 Brain Cells. I'm hoping that I can carry it in the Aeronaut on shorter trips and separately with a shoulder strap when I need more room for clothes in the Aeronaut.

    Is this reasonable? Which Brain Cell, horizontal or vertical, will best fit both these situations?


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    Basically the difference between the horizontal and the vertical Brain Cell is in how much protection you get when you drop it, and in which orientation it is likely to be in when you drop it.

    Ultimately, your choice might be limited to the space in the Aeronaut: I'm pretty sure a horizontal Brain Cell will fit better than the vertical one. (You may need to un-snap some or all the snaps on the floor of the Aeronaut to make room for the siz 4 Horizontal Brain Cell.) Most folks find the horizontal the better choice to be carried on its own as well, as the vertical version is quite tall.


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      Thanks for confirming what I suspected.


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        My order is in for Aeronaut and Horizontal Brain Cell. Hope they arrive in time for my next trip.


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          Let us know how this turns out. This is a bit late for the thread, but Maverick's pictures of a size 4 horizontal brain cell in the Aeronaut may help give you an impression of how this works.



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            Received Aeronaut and Brain Cell a few days ago. My laptop fits perfectly in the #5 BC.

            As I've read on other posts, my first impression of the Aeronaut is that it's smaller than I expected. I had measured the two bags I normally travel with and the Aeronaut quoted volume is larger than either, so I'm still hopeful.

            I'll be packing for an 11-day business trip this weekend. I plan to take both Aeronaut and Brain Cell, so I'll post my first actual use review next week.