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Size comaprisons between the Ego, Super Ego and other messengers

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    Size comaprisons between the Ego, Super Ego and other messengers

    I'm really interested to get either the Super Ego or Ego bag, but it's really difficult to tell the difference in sizes between the two, even from pictures as I have no frame of reference compared to other messenger bags.

    I'm currently using one of the medium-sized messenger bags from Timbuk2, could someone shed some insight in terms of internal space and external space compared to the Super Ego and Ego?

    Does the Ego and Super Ego even when empty look exceptionally 'bulky', in the event I just need to carry an empty bag around, for like say grocery shopping...

    Hi nutello -

    You might find this review of the Ego and Super Ego from the Gadgeteer useful.
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      I took a few quick pics of a couple of bags. Clockwise from upper left, Super Ego, Timbuk2 laptop messenger(medium), Chrome Citizen, and a Large Cafe Bag (6ft Lovesac in a supporting role =D). In real life the Super Ego is the monster of the group easily hauling the most stuff, then the Citizen, Timbuk2, and finally Cafe bag. I took a side shot to to show the real height difference, the Super Ego surprised me with that when I first got it. It is much more square than typical messenger bags.
      I hope this helps, I use the Super Ego daily, the Chrome on the motorcycle, the Cafe bag for toting around the Macbook, and I have retired the Timbuk2 (had to go dig it out of the closet).

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        Thanks thax, those pictures really help!!!

        Now it's just of matter of which color I want for that new bag...


          Originally posted by thax View Post
          I took a few quick pics of a couple of bags.
          Haha, that looks eerily like my collection! I have also, for all intents and purposes, retired my Timbuk2 (I have a Classic Messenger in XS), since the cam buckle thing that adjusts the strap only serves to scrape my arm when I walk =( Besides, I like the cafe bags a lot more =P

          The velcro on the Chrome (I have a Mini Metro), while secure, seems a bit much for me... too much effort and noise in the course of opening the bag... it has pretty much also been retired... but I will have to say I do love how Chrome does their shoulder strap!

          The Gadgeteer review is eerie!


            Darcy, fotos of items together would be a big help for people making choices [e.g., all sizes of Cafe Bag.]


              http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsId=3706 has the Ego and Super Ego sitting side-by-side, and even a picture of the Super Ego swallowing the Ego... (near the bottom of the page)