Hello all,

I'm looking to replace my laptop bag with a better looking more functional bag. I've narrowed my choice down to the ID and the Zephyr. Though I'd love to see the bags in person before making my choice, I'd like to get the bag before I am able to make my way to Seattle =(. Hence, I'm hoping that someone can offer me their thoughts to help me make up my mind.

I use the bag for two things, carrying my laptop to work every day and as my carry on bag when I travel. When I travel, I carry:

* 13" MacBook
* iPod
* Bose Headphones (in case)
* 2-3 DVDs
* Book
* 2 Magazines
* Small Digital Camera

Right now, this causes my current bag to be stuffed. Will all of this fit easily into the ID (which I think is my preferred bag)?

Finally, I like the flap pockets on the zephyr because they seem good for holding tickets etc while travelling. Does the ID pocket easily hold boarding passes etc?

thanks for any advice!