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Mistake on Zephyr dimensions?

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    Mistake on Zephyr dimensions?

    Ok, the Empire Builder is 17" x 12.75" x 7", the Zephyr is 16.7" x 12.4" x 6.3". The EB is really not that much bigger - is this a mistake? I thought the Zephyr was more ID-sized...

    Someone else asked the same question.
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      Actually, the volumes don't make any sense either.

      Bag/LxWxD/Calc Vol/Stated Vol
      Empire Builder/17x12x7/1428/1700

      Something doesn't make sense. It's possible for a bag's effective volume to be larger than the theoretical volume from it's dimensions if you stuff it until it bulges, but then the Zephyr volume should be much higher. If instead the volume is when the bag is filled until properly shaped, then all the volumes are off, or the dimensions are off.


        The exterior dimensions listed are the maximum or extreme dimensions: rounded corners, etc. make the actual volume less than the results of simply multiplying height X width X depth. Think of a human body for example: the actual volume of a body is far less than the volume of a big box which has external dimensions of a person's maximum height, width and thickness (like a coffin).
        Additionally, both the Empire Builder and the Zephyr have .25" (6mm) thick stiff foam bottom and sides, making the difference between the interior volume and the exterior dimensions even greater.
        And well noted: the size difference between the Empire Builder and the Zephyr turns out to be <i>slightly</i> less than we had originally planned - we had to increase it a little to accommodate the size 4X Horizontal Brain Cell.
        Hope that makes some sense.


          Tom, what you write makes sense and is the right way to go in my opinion, but the volumes quoted on your site don't match.

          By your explanation the Zerphyr's volume is correct because it is smaller than the calculated box volume. But the ID and Empire Builder both have stated volumes larger than the calculated volume.


            Oops, yes there is a problem there. I will do some re-figuring next week as soon as I am back in the factory.
            Thanks for pointing that out!