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snake charmer upgrade

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    snake charmer upgrade

    Good day,

    I just received the snake charmer the other day in the mail. So far, I love it... Especially the dual pockets and see-thru sides. I do have a comment/idea. I have the thing pack full all the time, and sometimes in my pack the thing is too thick (depending on the amount of books and files I carry). If there is an added zipper thru the middle (between the two current zippers) where by, it spilts the charmer in 1/2. On one side there would be a hinge so that the charmer would open up after the zipper is opened (like a book). It would help for those times when your pack is just crammed with stuff, reducing the thickness of the charmer by 50% would help. It would act more like a book thickness....

    I know I didn't explain things well, but if you require a sketch, i'll draw one up.

    Again, just a though.

    p.s. The brain cell and freudian slip rock! I also purchased those items as well as the charmer and impressed with the quality and functionality. I think you have a customer for life.

    What if the Snake Charmer was two compartments that were connected/hinged on the top edge but not as you suggest zippered together (the weight, bulk and expense of a zipper is hard to justify here, IMHO).
    Imaging it sort of like a little pair of saddle bags.
    Might that work?
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      That is the exact idea I had in mind, but have the zipper to make it act like the current snake charmer. Then, for some reason if you need it to act like the 'saddle bags', just undo the zipper.

      But not having the zipper would still work. Maybe having some velcro instead of the zipper? In all, good idea.



        How about velcro?



          Velcro would of course work OK, but I use velcro (actually "Aplix", which is the brand of hook & loop we use) as my closure of last resort: I hate the way it sticks to my wool sweaters and that it joins together even when I don't want it to.
          How about a simple snap at the top of the bag? Maybe have each half of the "saddle bag" have it's own loop, and a snap at the base of the loops to keep them together?
          Could be a solution that adds little to the price of the Snake Charmer.



            i like the idea of the snap at the top over velcro. this will actually also accomplish a snake charmer in vertical format, which is what i was looking for for my smart alec.